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With being the latest addition to the family of great online sportsbooks reviewed, Friday night is high time that I got my money together in my brand new sports betting account, and pony up some money for the two playoff baseball games in store for what will no doubt be a great Friday evening of sports and online sports betting. I’ve got to ride the Rockies until they lose, and tonight would make it 8 straight and would series damper Arizona’s chances at winning this series. Could it be that the Colorado Rockies get to the World Series? Surely not. Either way, it’s going to be a great game tonight with Doug Davis and Ubaldo Jimenez doing the duties on the mound for each team. I’ve really enjoyed watching this Jimenez kid pitch, as he certainly has some serious gas behind his fastball. Throwing consistently in the high nineties is always enjoyable to watch, and pitching should be the name of the game in tonight’s match-up.

Moving along to the Cleveland vs. Boston series, I honestly and truly will not bet against Josh Beckett in any form anymore! I’ve learned my lesson, and I’m sorry! Even though C.C. Sabathia is up for the Tribe, Josh Beckett cannot be touched in the post season. He is all but guaranteed two wins for the Red Sox in this series, and I’m betting on him to get the Sox off on the right foot in the series tonight. Look for Boston to win this game tonight, and I’m very anxious to see who jumps out as the big player in the series for both Boston and Cleveland. I’m looking for Kevin Youkilis and Manny Ramirez to help carry the Sox in this series. For Cleveland, I’m a big Victor Martinez fan naturally, so look for him, Travis Hafner and Casey Blake to carry the load for the Tribe. I can’t say enough how much I love the MLB post season, and you’ve got to be nuts not to want to head to one of our top sportsbooks and pull out a few wagers this postseason.

It’s going to be yet another great weekend packed with Football, Baseball and Hockey, and you can count on all the action to be available at our featured online sports betting sites here at Offering you online sportsbook reviews and advice for the best places to place your wagers, we thank you for coming to see our featured websites, and for getting into the great sports betting opportunities and exciting casino action offered on every website listed.

Aaron G.