A long day of work, with a great game of baseball to come …

It’s down to just one series in Major League Baseball before the start of the World Series in only a little over a week. With the Colorado Rockies clutching up at home, with brooms waving wildly throughout the stands, one half of the World Series pairing is set, and I must admit it’s well deserved at that. While I’ve stood to gain plenty betting on sports with the Colorado Rockies included in those bets, it’s been just as exciting to watch a team play one of the most clutch months of baseball I’ve ever witnessed in my life. Two sweeps. Two ten game plus win streaks. I’m just in awe of the way this baseball team has come alive, and I’m personally rooting for a showdown between the Rockies and the Indians, who have a chance to go up three games to one in their series against Boston. If the Indians want to make the World Series, tonight is a must win for them. I certainly wouldn’t want to be going back to Boston with Josh Beckett waiting to put his team ahead after coming home with a split.

Today has no doubt been a really long day today, and fortunately like a bad employee that we all can be, I managed to sneak away from a little of my work and get my online sports book wagers placed at Betonusa.com. Even though the playoff buzz is all around, there’s still always a great amount of sports action to be found betting on NHL hockey, and I’ve got room for a few games to pile into a parlay bet today. I wish I could say that the Los Angeles Kings were making headway from a less-than stellar season last year, however they just aren’t. Sigh. They go up against a very good looking Minnesota Wild, who are an immediate threat to my Vancouver Canucks and the entire Northwest Division this year. Philly is looking like the Flyers of old thus far, and they get to prey on a seemingly helpless Thrashers team tonight. I’ll take the Habs to get at Florida tonight in Montreal, and also the Calgary Flames over the Colorado Avalanche as well. These are a few of tough bets, however I’m only throwing 5 on the parlay tonight, so no big worries.

It’s always a great time when you spread out your online sports betting to include as much sports action as possible. With only one baseball game and four hockey games tonight, make sure to get into our best online sportsbooks tonight and get in on the action before its too late!

Aaron G.