Thursday night College Football

It’s a bit of a slow evening for online sportsbook betting, but perhaps this is a good thing, considering just how much great sports betting will be had this weekend at our top sportsbooks here at For tonight’s one and only NCAA football match-up, the surprising Bulls of South Florida look to retain their #2 position in the college standings as they take on Rutgers tonight. I would really like to see exactly what this USF team is made of this year, and it is certain that in order to get into a good BCS bowl bid this year, they will have to win out with their less-than-intense remaining schedule. So it’s another test for the underdog team tonight, and my money will once again come down on total points. Both teams can put up big numbers, so my sportsbook bet on NCAA football at today will include an over bet on total points for this game, as well as a few games thrown in from the world of NHL Hockey.

I definitely wish that the National Hockey League would choose a better time to come into their regular season than right now. Normally, I’m very stoked to see hockey starting up, however with NFL and NCAA football in full gear, and the Major League Baseball season still approaching the World Series, it’s a bit tough to shift focus to yet another season. Which also reminds me, NBA Basketball is just around the corner too! Whew! Nonetheless, as a devoted hockey fan, and online sports betting enthusiast, I feel it’s my duty to spread the wealth to the NHL, and drop a couple wagers at our top sportsbooks for the games today. I like the game between San Jose and Detroit, with Detroit to win, as well as Calgary over Los Angeles, who still just cannot seem to pull a good start together. Philly is still stomping out of the gates strong so far, and I’ll take them over New Jersey tonight as well. I’m going to leave my online sports betting at that, in the hopes that I don’t over extend myself too much. Besides, I’ll be checking out the football game tonight, and really won’t have much opportunity to catch anything other than the Kings v. Flames game´┐Ż

I don’t know about all of you, but I can’t wait for this weekend to come! The ALCS will be all wrapped up at the latest by Sunday night, (as I can’t imagine Josh Beckett losing tonight to close the series out) and you can bet that all the football action this coming weekend will be as good as it has been so far this season. Check out all the great wagering possibilities at our best online sportsbooks reviewed at, and hopefully your Friday at work passes by with thoughts of sports betting and playoff games. Until then, thanks as always for stopping by and getting in to all the great sportsbooks and casinos on our site.

Aaron G.