NFL Football, Baseball playoffs for sportsbook betting

Ahh Sunday. What a glorious day to not be at work, and instead kicking back for a great day of sports action and online sports betting. First off, today is a very special day indeed because one way or another, there will be a champion crowned out of the American League in the MLB. It’s all up to either Dice-K Matsuzaka for Boston, or Jake Westbrook for the Cleveland Indians to make or break their respective teams’ shot at a World Series title, and I just can’t bring myself to bet away from the Cleveland Indians. Better judgement be damned tonight, I’m rooting for the underdogs all the way, and would love to see a series between Cleveland and Colorado, who both really seem to deserve getting where they have so far. With that in mind, my online sports betting money is down and set for Clevland tonight, but no matter what happens, I would be willing to be that sports fans will be in for a treat. With Fenway rocking, and millions of people tuning in, what better way to spend a Sunday evening than with Major League Baseball?

Back to the matter at close hand today, this morning we have a handful of good match-ups and some really big stinkers to choose from on our online sports betting. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes a great game can come between two less-than-par teams, but I will admit that I like seeing two strong teams go head to head on a given Sunday. We’ll really have to wait until Monday Night Football for the best game of the week, but for now, and handful of other sports betting opportunities will present itself, and you can be certain I’m in the mix for betting on sports today! I would say the most surprisingly good contest today will be the Detroit Lions against the Tampa Bay Bucs. Detroit is looking for three straight home wins, and I’m betting they get it this time around. If the Colorado Rockies can make the World Series, Detroit can go 4-2 to start the year�.I really hope. Elsewhere, I’ve got the Giants to win over the down-trodden and QB-less San Francisco, with New Orleans over Atlanta in a stinkfest, and Seattle over St. Louis. Simple bets? Maybe. But a win is a win is a win is what someone smart used to say�

I hope that by now your online sports betting is all wrapped up, as we’ve got the first kickoff of the day set for about 15 minutes away. There is plenty of sports betting action throughout the day here at our best online sportsbooks, so if you haven’t wagered today, head on down to one of our featured sports betting sites and get into the action!

Aaron G.