MLB Playoffs get started to ring in October!

With the excitement surrounding the three opening games today featuring the Milwaukee Brewers vs. the Philadelphia Phillies, the Dodgers vs. the Cubs and the Boston Red Sox vs. the L.A Angels, I certainly couldn’t resist getting my online sports betting locked up yesterday night, in preparation for an exciting wait until the first game started this afternoon. Fortunately for my first bet on the Phillies vs. Brewers game, Philadelphia relied on the talented Cole Hamels to shut down the Brewers offense, winning 3-1 to take the series lead at home right off the bat. One bad inning for the Brewers in the fourth saw all three runs scored in one inning, which was plenty enough for the combination of Hamels and closer Brad Lidge to shut down the ballgame from there. With only 4 hits for each team in this match-up, the game could have gone either way, and Philly may have set the tone for the series already with a clutch victory in game one. If they win the second game of the series at home, call this series all but over.

In the second game today between Boston and the L.A. Angels, another amateur mistake has me sitting in a tough position as Jon Lester has come out like the All-Star pitcher he is, and just mowed down the Angels at home for the 4-1 win. With the Angels scattering more hits (9-8) in the game, yet losing 4-1, that certainly is a bad sign for Angels fans, who must see their team capitalize on base runners if they want to be a highly offensive team such as the BoSox. Although I had never bet against the Angels and won in the regular season, this time I’m certainly thumping my head to figure out why I placed my wager on anything except a Boston win! The Angels juiced their win stats with a pathetic AL West Division this year, and hopefully all the rest of you didn’t make the same mistake that I did, and are on your way to taking home a little extra cash tonight. I guess there is always those days when things don’t quite go your way, and I’m just glad that although I didn’t get lucky with the first two games, there’s still one left today, and a chance to get back at least a few bucks on the Dodgers vs. Cubs game that starts in just about an hour.

This Dodgers vs. Chicago Cubs series should be a really good one, as both teams are pretty evenly matched, with the first game pitchers making for a great match-up. Derek Lowe goes for the Dodgers, with Ryan Dempster gets the green light for the Cubbies, and this will be just as tough of a call as the first two games of the day. I’ll take the over bet on the total points tonight with these two on the mound, and hope that I don’t embarrass myself in a trifecta of blown sportsbook bets. If you haven’t got your bets in at one of our top sportsbooks featured here, there is still a bit of time left, and you won’t want to miss out on a great baseball game with great pitching tonight. Check back in tomorrow, enjoy the last game of the day, and as always, good luck on your online sports betting!

Aaron G.