NFL Sunday, more sports betting for MLB Playoffs

It’s that time of the weekend again folks, and once again I find myself up too early in the morning for a Sunday, anxiously awaiting another start of a hopefully great and action-packed day of NFL Football!. It’s an especially good day for me this week (maybe…) being a Seattle Seahawks fan, as for the first time this season the ‘Hawks actually get a spotlight on national television (although maybe admittedly they don’t deserve it this year, with the terrible start they’ve had so far). To celebrate the occasion, my online sports betting for this morning will feature the first game between the Seattle Seahawks and New York Giants, taking the over wager on total points at (read the review of Intertops). I just can’t bring myself to bet against the ‘Hawks but I do think we all know that the Giants are a superior team across the board this year, especially when matched with a Seattle team that is hurt in just about all key areas of their attack. To go along with this opening game, there are plenty of other great sports betting opportunities at our top sportsbooks, which will be worth the while of any sports fan to check out. For a few added morning bets, I like upsets Miami taking on the confused San Diego Chargers today, as well as Houston to get their first win at home against Indy (please?). Steve Slaton, do your thing kid�

In the later games today, there are a couple of good match-ups worth checking out, including the night game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Jacksonville Jaguars. With Jacksonville at home, Pittsburgh has a tough task ahead of them, even without two running backs missing from the backfield. I’ve got to go with the Jags in this one at (read the review of Players Only), due to the home field advantage, and the injury report coming out of Steelers’ camp. However, for online sports betting today better wagers might come from the Arizona vs. Buffalo game, which I expect to see lots of offense in, on the Baltimore vs. Tennessee game, which should be some of the stingiest football games of the year in terms of points, as both Kerry Collins and Joe Flacco are no match for their opponents’ defenses, both of which are two of the best in the league. Could the Titans really be a 5-0 team this year? I say yes.

Last but certainly not least for today is the duo of American League Divisional Series games, and the lone NLDS game left�after the Dodgers took down the Cubbies without any problems whatsoever. Three teams have their backs up against the wall today, and a smart bet says at least one team is going to be eliminated from the playoffs by the end of the day. I like the BoSox to take down the Angels in 3 at home(call me biased against the Weaver bros. in general), but I wouldn’t be surprised to see the White Sox and the Brewers hanging in for at least another game against the Rays and Phillies respectively. Any which way you look at it, it’s a great day for sports, and for betting on sports at our best online sportsbooks here at Enjoy the day, and good luck in all your online sports betting!

Aaron G.