Online sports betting on NLCS Game 1 and trip to the …

It’s time for a little break in the online sports betting action today, at least in terms of what is immediately available for betting on sports today. However with Game 1 of the National League Championship series getting underway tomorrow, as well as the start of the NHL season which kicks off as well, a solid day of sportsbook betting is available tomorrow, and for early wagering today. I was fortunate to cash in on a few games last night, and today the fuel is back on the fire with a few more wagers at one of our featured online sports betting sites. Today I’m down at (<a href=””>read the review of BetUS</a>), which was the first online sportsbook and casino I ventured to when beginning on this site. To this day, I remain a happy customer, and would recommend the site to anyone just getting into online sports betting.

Is Philadelphia going to be able to take down the Manny Ramirez led Dodgers? This is something I really would to like to know, as I’m sure everyone else is. Granted to the Phillies, they have a very solid team that I expect has a one way ticket to the World Series. Their mix of starting pitching (from Cole Hamels to Jamie Moyer) and solid relief  with a monster closer (Brad Lidge if you don’t already know), combine with a very strong batting order that can put huge points up as we’ve been witness to all regular season; equals one hell of a threat for the boys just a few miles down the 10 freeway from me. If the Dodgers are to have a chance in this series, they must split in Philly to bring home momentum to Los Angeles. Otherwise, if Philly gets 2 right off the bat�you could probably stick a fork in it.

Anyways, I like Philadelphia. I’m going with the Phillies on my first wager of the day at Bodog (<a href=””>read the review of Bodog</a>), and I hope that my hunch is correct. For the second set of sports betting today, it’s finally time for NHL Hockey! I’ve been waiting for a while to see the teams of the 2008-09 season, and quite frankly praying a bit that my Canucks show up to play on Thursday. However, today is a great day to get in more online sports betting action before the baseball playoffs resume shortly, and you can always bet that our website has access to the best online sports betting sites on the internet. Count on great opportunities at sites like, and as they and all of the other great sites here are tried and tested places to get in all your betting on sports. Thanks for stopping by!

Aaron G.