The National League Championship is here!

Today, well, it’s awesome. Why you ask? It’s because this is where a baseball fan’s greatest days lie. The start of the NCLS today and the ALCS tomorrow are at least to most some of the best days of the MLB season, as the two best teams from both leagues begin to duke it out for supremacy of their respective leagues. My favorite days are the start of the Championship Series, and the World Series, as there is nothing like a home crowd going crazy to get the blood pumpin’. I personally had the chance to sneak down to this morning (<a href=””>read the review of</a>), which has been one of our best online sportsbooks for such a long time. For a quick wager on the NLCS game (yes, my second, taking points) and the featured NCAA Football match-up between ACC rivals Clemson and #21 Wake Forest, I snuck on and placed a wager with about 10 minutes left for betting. Picking the winner of this football game is a very tough call, because both these teams need the valuable conference win in this, and it smells like upset city to me. I’m going with Clemson for the upset traveling to Wake, and we’ll just have to see what happens now!

Back to baseball, for this series, I can’t wait to see the 24 year old Cole Hamels take the the hill for game 1 as he is truly one of the best in a new class of pitchers entering MLB baseball the last few years. On the flipside for the Dodgers, the veteran Derek Lowe knows what to do in these situations, and will be tough. I’m guessing at a low scoring affair here, but a short porch in right favors the Phillies’ left handed-heavy order to win it on the long ball. If there is one advantage the Phillies have, it’s their ability to generate runs by putting a few runners on, and driving the ball deep at home. However, if Derek Lowe can keep the ball down tonight and get some ground balls, this could end up being a great contest between two great pitchers.

I’ve got to get back to this game, and hopefully you’re a little bit more organized than I am, and have already secured your bets for tonight’s contest! Our featured online sportsbooks here at are the best place to get involved in the action, and playoff baseball is the best kind of baseball. Looking forward to a great Friday, I hope you’ve considered the ALCS tonight as well while placing bets, because that series will be equally amazing. Thanks for stopping by, checking out the online sportsbook reviews, and hopefully you’ve been enjoying all the great action on our featured online sports betting sites. Best of luck to you tonight, tomorrow and anytime that you’re playing online.

Aaron G.