It’s time for�..NFL FOOTBALL!!!!

Just in case I hadn’t mentioned it previously, I’d be doing a disservice to football as a sport, and betting on sports as a hobby if I didn’t say that I love Sundays and NFL Football! Yes, I’m what some would call a sports fanatic, but online sports betting and watching on of the best sports around while having no work and little responsibilities is this guy’s idea of a perfect day. For this morning’s early games, I’m looking for Minnesota over the terrible Detroit Lions, Bay to get back to .500 football today. Gus Frerotte has been looking pretty good for a discount QB, and let’s face it; Adrian Peterson and the front line of the Vikings could probably beat the Lions by themselves. My first online sports wager today is getting placed at (<a href=””>read the review of</a>), one of our top sportsbooks that I haven’t actually visited in a while. Just as expected of all the best online sportsbooks reviewed on our site, has a great website, very simple and quick ways to wager, and prompt payouts. I had a few bucks lying around in my account there, so today is the day that we put that money to some good use on some parlay bets.

I’ve got three teams lined up who I hope can pull through for me this afternoon. The first team, the New York Jets, should have no worries against the Bengals, who are also awful. Call it mean taking wagers betting against the worst teams in the league, but then again, I’m 10-0 this year betting against them. There are some very tough other calls to make today, but for me it’s this game, the Eagles over the 49ers, and New Orleans over the Raiders. The rest of the picks out there just look nasty to me, and I’m walking away at that. However, needless to say, whatever I lack in the overall amount of sportsbook wagers I have today, NFL football will make up with exciting and close football contests. My favorite game today is the Arizona v Dallas matchup, which could get very interesting. Dallas’ secondary is beyond horrible, and Kurt Warner seems to be able to get the ball to anyone on the field, no matter what the defense. And nothing would be better than seeing T.O. cry after another crappy performance and a loss. Nothing.

The Seattle Seahawks take on the Green Bay packers at home tonight, but even being a huge Hawks fan, I just don’t know if I can stomach watching another one of their games this year. Piece by piece Seattle is picked apart by every team in the league, and even a once steadfast defense now has shown signs of gaping wounds that have yet to be closed. However, I do love a Hawks home game, as the 12th man is always in play, so either way the game will help to round a great day of football, and a great day of online sports betting. Make sure to also check out MLB action tonight with game 3 of the NLCS, and good luck once again wagering at our top sportbooks reviewed here at

Aaron G.