NFL Football, Game 7 ALCS caps off a great day of online …

Today is a very special day indeed because one way or another, there will be a champion crowned out of the American League in the MLB. It’s all up to either Jon Lester for Boston, or Matt Garza for the Tampa Bay Rays to make or break their respective teams’ shot at a World Series, and I just can’t bring myself to bet away from the Rays regardless of Boston’s relentless attempts to make it otherwise. Betting that the streak of good luck gets reversed on the Red Sox tonight, I’m rooting for the Tampa Bay all the way, and would love to see a series between the Rays and Phillies, who both really seem to deserve getting where they have so far (rather than merely paying out the wazoo for it�). With that in mind, my online sports betting money is down at (<a href=””>read the review of</a>) and set for Tampa to win tonight, but no matter what happens, I would be willing to bet that sports fans will be in for a treat. With the Tropicana Field dome rocking louder than ever before, and millions of people tuning in, what better way to spend a Sunday evening than with Major League Baseball?

Back to the matter at close hand today, this morning we have an interesting array of betting opportunities to cash in on, with some very favorable match-ups for a few teams in action today. I would say the most surprisingly good contest today will be the Oakland Raiders at home versus the New York Jets. While the Jets should have no problem standing up to the likes of a JaMarcus Russell-led offense, we’ve already seen many much better teams mess with Oakland and almost wind up in defeat. If Oakland wants to save face for the season, this game will be key for them. Minnesota and Chicago should also be a pretty good match-up today, as both teams are starting to find a bit of stride to this point. The Lions, are, well�even worse now, with the departing Roy Williams. The Texans will get their second win here, as Detroit is well on it’s way to 0-16. In Sunday night’s late action pitting the Seahawks against the Tampa Bay Bucs, it’s no contest here with Seneca Wallace up against a surprisingly good Tampa D.  The under bet might be a good choice in this one, as I don’t imagine Seattle getting anywhere near the red zone in this contest�and that’s coming from a Seattle faithful!

I hope that by now your online sports betting is all wrapped up, as we’ve got the first kickoff of the day set for about 15 minutes away. There is always plenty of sports betting action throughout the day here at our best online sportsbooks reviewed on our website, so if you haven’t wagered today, head on down to one of our featured sports betting sites and get into the action!

Aaron G.