Game 1 World Series action, more NHL activity for online …

Finally here, the World Series brings all the excitement that Major League Baseball can offer it’s fans, and I for one can’t wait until the official start of the game, and to see Cole Hamels come though for me with a game 1 win´┐Ż.anyways, with a fairly productive night last night (sans my Canucks sinking below .500, and sinking one of my wagers), I was fortunate to cash in on a few bets placed, and today the fuel is back on the fire with a few more wagers at one of our featured online sports betting sites. Today I’m down at (<a href=””>read the review of BetUS</a>), which was the first online sportsbook and casino I ventured to when beginning on this site. To this day, this site remains one of my favorite for it’s easy of use, solid customer service, and always quick and correct transactions. I would recommend the site to anyone just getting into online sports betting. So before getting too carried away in all the World Series hype, I’ve got a few bets left to be placed, and more hockey wagers for sports betting online sounds like just the right thing to do.

The game of the night for me tonight has to be the match-up between the St. Louis Blues, and the Detroit Red Wings. Both teams have come out strong (nothing new for Detroit), and this game could say a lot for the true caliber of the Blues’ team. After a 4-1 start, a win against the Red Wings could lead to a run for St. Louis, but either way, I like the total points wager in the contest, taking the over bet today. Same for the Philadelphia v. San Jose game; Philly needs a win, but as any hockey fan knows, the Sharks will not give that up easily. Every time I’ve seen the San Jose Sharks play a team that’s in a rut, they seem to never let up the abuse (watching San Jose v LA Kings over the past years is plenty of proof). Count on lots of goals either which way this one falls.

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Aaron G.