Saturday sports betting on fire with NCAA Football, Game …

I certainly hope that you are all enjoying today’s NCAA College Football action, and hopefully you’ve taken the opportunity to log in to one of our top sportsbooks reviewed here at to place a few online sports betting wagers for all the great action today. If you haven’t do so yet, you are missing out on some great football action, but most importantly there is that big game 3 between Philadelphia and Tampa Bay in a critical Game 3. If Philly wins tonight, it could be demoralizing, especially when faced with a few more games left to play in Philadelphia. However, if the Rays win tonight, I can’t see this series taking less than 7 games to decide. I love the gritty back and forth action when two solid teams meet up, and although I just can’t call the eventual winner, I’m definitely going for the over wager on total points, since the last total points wager didn’t come through for me (get back on that saddle!). Going forward this weekend it’s a great time to be a sports fan, and an even better weekend if you are signed up at one of our best online sportsbooks and casinos reviewed here. For today’s online sports betting, I’m back at (<a href=””>read the review of</a>) in the hopes that the recent luck I’ve had on their site will continue through this weekend of online sports betting. From football to baseball, hockey to golf, to whatever your fancy, you certainly will be able to find something worth while to bet on at

On to football for today, I’m definitely going with Texas at home over Oklahoma State, and Penn State over Ohio State, as both Texas and Penn State are two of the very elite teams in NCAA football. Both Oklahoma State and Ohio State are solid teams, but just aren’t quite at that upper echelon in college football this year. In SEC action, I love the match-up between Georgia and LSU, as it’s always a messy affair with lots of points on the board. Consider what both teams would be able to put up offensively if there were just random padded dummies running back and forth across the field in the secondary, and make your bet from there. I still think LSU’s offensive unit out-powers the Bulldogs in this game, although Matt Stafford is a clinic for college football QBs. Count on him going pro very soon. I still have to ride Ball State’s 7-0 start, so I’m taking them today as well, and Texas Tech over Kansas to round out the day.

I for one am getting offline so I can enjoy a peaceful day of online sports betting, and great sports action. With football all day, baseball all night, and plenty of other great action at our top sportsbooks in between, who could really ask for anything more? Thanks once again for dropping by our site to check on all the best online sportsbooks offered on the internet. Get those bets placed today, and as always we wish you the best of luck. Catch us again tomorrow for more sports betting updates, and enjoy all the great sports action today.

Aaron G.