World Series closes, Monday Night football gets underway

It’s all over from Philadelphia folks, as the Phillies have straight out-played the Rays to gain their first World Series in 28 years. Unfortunately the Rays close out a dream season on a bit of a sour note, however there is plenty that can be said about what a great team the crew from Tampa Bay really is. Great young players, great coaching, and a solid team brotherhood led to one of a most exciting baseball teams sports fans have seen in the Major Leagues in a long time. However even with the series ending, my online sports betting set for the game at (<a href=””>read the review of BetUS</a>) cruised to a win as I watched the Phillies roll to victory, closing out the series 4-1.  A positive note for sure, leading into another great night of Monday Night Football!

Tonight’s showdown pits an up-and-down Indianapolis Colts team looking for some kind of bright spot in an otherwise sub-par start, and getting a win tonight would have to come at the expense of the hottest team in the NFL, the surprising Tennessee Titans. The Titans, currently off to a 6-0 start behind unlikely candidate Kerry Collins, just don’t seem to be letting off their impressive start. The Colts are scattered, unsure of themselves, and a certainly at a disadvantage traveling to Nashville for tonight’s game. The Titans will look to pressure Peyton Manning, which could be the key to suppressing any hopes the Colts have against a very good Titans defensive corps. I expect heavy running from the Titans, who should look to control time of possession, and give the Colts few chances to put balls in the endzone. Any which way though, another great MNF game awaits sports betting fans, so hopefully you have your chips in place for this game tonight.

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Aaron G.