Happy Halloween from CasinoReview.org!

It may be yet another day of great online sports betting opportunities, but today happens to be Halloween, and there is nothing better than that night falling on a Friday! With that in mind, there is only time for some quick wagering before the party scene commences in a few hours, so jumping down to Sportsbetting.com for my series of bets was a quick 10 minute trek, and everything is locked up for my wagering already. If you haven’t gotten a chance just yet today, head on down to one of the best online sportsbooks for the NHL and NBA action taking place today, as more and more games are slated each and every day for a chance to cash in on some easy money! Or so I wish it was easy´┐Żanyways, with nine NBA games, and twelve NHL games, there are plenty of choices to be had in order to maximize your potential to bring in some extra change to offset the serious amounts of money that might get blown partying tonight´┐Żmaybe that’s just me?

For betting on sports today, hockey has really opened up, exposing the good teams and the weaker teams (as the parity in the NHL just about assures no one goes too far under .500), and betting on hockey is primed and ready to go. I always like Buffalo at home, so I’ll take them to start things off against the Lightning. The Flyers look for their fourth straight against the NY Islanders, and I’m taking the chance that they see that come to fruition tonight at home. Vancouver always plays tough when visiting the Kings, so I like the Canucks in that game, even if I’m a biased fan! The New York Rangers also seem unstoppable these days, accelerating to a league best opening of 9-2-1. The best-of-the-best also includes San Jose, so look out for them when taking any parlay wagers out on hockey these days.

With a fun night ahead, make sure to be safe if partying out on the town, and also make sure to be safe by checking all the great statistical information and game-time updates before betting on sports. Whether you’re out enjoying the Halloween celebration, or staying in and enjoying some great sports action, we wish you a happy Friday, and hopefully a long a profitable weekend ahead!

Aaron G.