NFL Football, MLB Playoffs, and NHL Hockey for online …

Just in case I hadn’t mentioned it previously, I’d be doing a disservice to football as a sport, and betting on sports as a hobby if I didn’t say that I love Sundays and NFL Football! Yes, I’m what some would call a sports fanatic, but online sports betting and watching on of the best sports around while having no work and little responsibilities is this guy’s idea of a perfect day. Getting things underway right away, for this morning’s early games, my first online sports wager today is getting placed at (<a href=””>read the review of</a>), one of our top sportsbooks that I haven’t actually visited in a while. Just as expected of all the best online sportsbooks reviewed on our site, has a great website, very simple and quick ways to wager, and prompt payouts. I had a few bucks lying around in my account there, so today is the day that we put that money to some good use on some parlay bets.

We’ve got plenty of great games lined up which should make for great NFL sportsbook betting this afternoon and evening. The first game for online sports betting takes on the Baltimore Ravens vs. Cincinnati Bengals, in what should be a great match-up between two very strong defensive units. Expect some low scoring in this one today, and we’ll place our wager at sportsbook on the Ravens with home field advantage. In other action, the Steelers look to be a shoe-in for a win against the Detroit Lions, as well as the Cowboys over the Kansas City Chiefs, and the Vikings over the Rams. Look for a great match-up as the New England Patriots take on the Denver Broncos, and the Atlanta Falcons travel to the Bay Area to meet up with the San Francisco 49ers, in a game featuring up an comer Matt Ryan and his budding receiver corps on the Atlanta side.

The Seattle Seahawks take on the Jacksonville Jaguars at home tonight, with Matt Hasselbeck coming back to the lineup and trying to keep the Hawks from slipping to a 1-3 record to start the year. Piece by piece Seattle is picked apart by every team in the league, and even a once steadfast defense now has shown signs of gaping wounds that have yet to be closed. However, I do love a Hawks home game, as the 12th man is always in play, so either way the game will help to round a great day of football, and a great day of online sports betting. Make sure to also check out MLB action tonight with three games for playoff action including a potential clinching game 3 for the Los Angeles Angels vs. the Boston Red Sox, as well as the New York Yankees against the Minnesota Twins, while over in the National League the Rockies and Phillies look to break a 1-1 series tie. With a pair of NHL Hockey games to round out the day, there is plenty of betting on sports to be had at the sportsbook, so try your hand at this website, and good luck on any and all wagers placed!

Aaron G.