Monday Night Football, NLDS Baseball make for perfect day …

It’s always great to come home on Monday night after a long day, and settle in for a little Monday Night Football, and it’s especially great to have some action for the game online at one of our best sportsbooks reviewed here at It’s even better when you get to come home, and ALSO have playoff baseball going on at the same time, just in case either game gets a bit stale (although with playoff baseball, that is rarely the case). For tonight’s online sports betting I’ve ventured to one of my favorite top sportsbooks at (<a href=””>read the review of</a>), and placed a few wagers hoping that this Monday night will turn out to be a lucky one indeed. Baseball has the one (possibly) remaining game going for tonight, and with a Dodger win last night, the NLCS could become very interesting if Philadelphia can pull out a victory against the Rockies tonight. For the first wager of the day, I have to take Philly to close out in Colorado, and root for a great National League Championship Series between what would be the two best teams out of the National League this year by far.

Switching over to football for the second wager of the night, Monday Night Football has an interesting match-up between the New York Jets and the Miami Dolphins down in Florida, with two teams that I for one have not yet made up my mind about. What I do know about this game, is that anything can happen, with the Dolphins having home field, and the better Jets team having a rookie QB. For both reasons, my wager for the MNF game will have to take the Dolphins, who would certainly be facing an uphill battle if they lost tonight, and went to 1-4 on the year. While I don’t have west coast representation in tonight’s game, like any Monday Night football game, it’s a great chance to get online, drop a wager at one of the best online sportsbooks like the one at, and sit back for a fun night of sports.

Thanks for stopping in today and any day for the best online sportsbooks featured here at, and hopefully you’ve found one of our top sportsbooks for all your betting on sports. It’ll be another great evening tomorrow, so check back with us then for more sports betting updates and more trials and tribulations of online sports betting!

Aaron G.