College Football, NLCS playoffs, and NHL sportsbook …

It’s a anything but a slow evening for online sportsbook betting, but perhaps this is a good thing, considering just how few games of Major League baseball are actually left! Gearing up for this weekend, which will have a bevy of great sportsbook betting at our top sportsbooks reviewed at, tonight’s game 1 between the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Philadelphia Phillies will mark not only the start of the National League Championship Series, but also the realization that Major League Baseball, and all it’s options for sportsbook betting will soon be a memory. However, with College, NFL, and English Premiere League Football coming up this weekend, and the NHL underway with the NBA to come shortly, it’s not too bad of a time to be a sports fan, and a sports betting enthusiast!

It is however a bit of a bummer that the National Hockey League chooses to come into their regular season right now. Normally, I would be beyond stoked to see hockey starting up, however with NFL and NCAA football in full gear, and the Major League Baseball season still approaching the World Series, it’s a bit tough to shift focus to yet another season, especially as most sports betting early in a season can be quite erratic. Speaking of erratic, that happens to remind me that NBA Basketball is just around the corner too! Coming off a sub .500 year betting on NBA ball last year, I hope to improve my prospects of wagering on the 2009-10 NBA campaign, and also getting ahead early in the NHL season already underway. With a few good games to splash a few wagers on at (<a href=””>read the review of Superbook</a>), I hope the Capitals, Senators and Blackhawks come out victorious, and squeeze out some more money to be thrown at the last few Major League Baseball games left.

I don’t know about all of you, but I can’t wait for tomorrow to come when the ALCS will be underway between the New York Yankees and the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, and both series will be underway! You can also bet that all the football action this coming weekend will be as good as it has been so far this season, with great Top 25 match-ups in NCAA Football, and Week 6 of the NFL Football Season. Saturday’s Premiere League Football also features 7 exciting matchups for great sportsbook action. Check out all the great wagering possibilities at our best online sportsbooks reviewed at, and hopefully your Thursday at work passes by with thoughts of sports betting and playoff games! Until next time, thanks as always for stopping by and getting in to all the great top sportsbooks reviewed on our site!

Aaron G.