Two Great MLB playoff games anchor sports betting on Friday

At, there is always something new every single day to get you into the fun and exciting world of sports wagering and casino gaming. Whether it has you checking out a new featured sportsbook you haven’t tried yet, placing a wager on whatever sports suits your fancy, or just hunkering down at the tables for some good old poker, we have it all for you at the best online sportsbooks reviewed here. What that means for this writer however, is a constant supply of new sportsbook betting to wager on, and a seemingly endless amount of casino game types to try out and hopefully master some day. For today’s top sportsbook action, it’s all about Major League baseball, with both the American and National League Championship Series taking place later on. If baseball is a slow sport to you in the regular season, come check out the electricity of baseball in the postseason, and see why this is one of the best sports to watch and wager on. It’s the Dodgers and Phillies in Game two of their series, and the Yankees and Angels in Game 1, so get to betting right now before it’s too late!

For Friday’s sportsbook betting, there is perhaps less than a plate full of games to choose from outside of baseball (unless you count tomorrow’s NCAA Football on tap), and thus my night will be mostly spent at the poker room featured on’s website. While I generally stick to the poker tables, which I am most comfortable with, there is a little something for everyone at’s casino, which I no doubt will be visiting should my wagers for tonight turn out to be a success. However, without squeezing in to a few parlay wagers for College Football, and getting my wagers placed for the playoff baseball games, I’d feel like a hollow, empty man, alone on a Friday night wishing I’d have put money on the games. However, with the warm feel of a few wagers placed (I like the Dodgers to get even 1-1, and Yanks behind Sabathia at home), the Dodgers v. Phillies game still going after coming home from work, it will be an exciting an action packed night all around!

Later today, I drop in on Bodog (<a href=””>read the review of Bodog</a>) for some of my favorite Poker games, as a few long distance buddies and I will be meeting up to try and take some money from one another! I’ve also got wagers on NHL Hockey, as six games nicely equals two parlay wagers for a few early season contests in the fastest game around. The top sportsbooks reviewed here at have tons of options for choosing your favorite sports bets, as well internet casino games that would rival any real casinos selection. Betus and Bodog offer two of the best sportsbooks around, with great side games, and plenty of people online enjoying action right along side you, with that said, enjoy your evening, and thanks again for choosing us for finding the best online sportsbooks and casinos the internet has to offer!

Aaron G.