Monday Night Football highlights sportsbook bets at …

While it’s back to the daily grind for most of us, the reward for another hard days’ work comes in the form of some great sports betting choices at any one of the top sportsbooks reviewed on our site, and an evening full of sports action that should make for an exciting end to an otherwise pretty droning, dismal day. With tonights wager’s comes the NFL’s sixth installment of Monday Night Football for the 2009 campaign, featuring divisional rivals the San Diego Chargers against the undefeated Denver Broncos. Taking place in San Diego tonight, it’s going to take a little bit of effort to properly determine the outcome of this game, as while Denver is on a roll, San Diego has yet to hit a stride in the 2-2 start to the season, but definitely has a number of great components for a playoff potential team. I would have personally never thought that a Kyle Orton-led Broncos team would jump out to the start they are seeing this year, however with an explosive passing game, and a much improved defensive unit, it’s a tough bet to go against Denver today. It’s going to take LaDanian Tomlinson to finally get his feet going (after costing me valuable points week in and week out in Fantasy Football to start the year!) in order to make the difference in today’s game. With the bets leaning towards Denver as the favorite, choose your wagers wisely, and expect a tight game in this one.

Moving on to the NHL and NBA action in store for betting on sports, it’s a continued round of wagering at the sportsbook (<a href=””>read the review of</a>) which just so happens to be the first site I had ever signed up for while working at, and one of my most frequented sites for betting on sports. With just three games for the National Hockey League today, it’s seems fitting to take a stab at a three-team parlay wager, featuring first and foremost my Vancouver Canucks on the road against divisional foe the Edmonton Oilers. The San Jose Sharks visit and do battle with the New York Rangers, who are off to one of the better starts of the past decade, and as such this should be a great game to watch and wager on, I personally have to hedge my wagers on goaltending tonight, as I like what I’m seeing so far this year from Evgeni Nabokov of the San Jose Sharks. If the Sharks can keep the shot attempts under 25-30 tonight, my gut says they’ll pull off a much needed road win, and cut down the Rangers winning ways. Lastly for NHL Hockey, we have the Dallas Stars playing host to the Los Angeles Kings, in what should beĀ  a fun match-up to watch and wager on as well.

Lastly for sportsbook betting today, the NBA is slowly ramping up it’s 2009-10 campaign, featuring another small handful of 3 games for your wagering choices. I love the way the Atlanta Hawks have jumped out of the gate, and like their chances at home against the Washington Wizards, who I’m still not convinced on despite a 3-2 start. The Magic on the other hand, looks for their 6th win in a row to start the year, and folks, this team is going to be tough all year long. The Bulls have started well too, going 5-1 to kick of their season, but with 3 straight wins on the road, I’m liking the way Orlando matches up, and as such will take them with the money line at Sportsbook. Lastly, the Houston Rockets look to help make me feel better, with a hopeful win against the thieving OKC, who stole my Seattle Sonics! However your wagers go, enjoy the excitement of another fine day of sports betting, catch us again tomorrow for more updates, and thanks for stopping in.

Aaron G.