Great weekend of sports coming up, more great sports …

I don’t know about you….but this week needs to end, and end quickly! It’s been a long and grinding week this week, however with the hopes of another Friday on the horizon, great online sportsbook betting all around, and plenty of action on TV from today through the weekend, it’s starting to look much brighter for me, and should also be for all you sports fans out there looking to kick back with a little betting on sports. For Thursday, we make our way to one of our best online sportsbooks reviewed, at the sportsbook (<a href=””>read the review of</a>). Always a fan of this site for their ridiculous amounts of wagering types from sports to really anything imaginable, is a simplistic, easy-to-use website that just about any fan of online sports betting can get behind. For today’s wagering, it’s a number of great games across a number of leagues, but all the bets come at the sportsbook.

For starters, I for one am yet again a sucker for anything and everything College Football, and with an ACC match-up in store between Florida State and North Carolina, at least a little lip service to this game, in the form of a sportsbook bet, is in order I think. While both teams have not started well in the ACC, and Florida State is certainly not the team of old in what may well be Bobby Bowden’s final season at the helm of the Seminoles, Florida State gets the upper hand in this contest, even while playing on the road. UNC still has yet to show it’s a legitimate ACC opponent, so while FSU has yet to shine, I count on them to pull through in this game today. Quickly moving onward towards the NHL, where the hockey season is picking up steam and providing great action, look to a number of games for your online sports betting fancy, and check out the lines, points and totals for each of the games today. I love a good match-up between the New Jersey Devils and the New York Rangers, as well as the Bruins vs. the Flyers, which will be a preview of this years’ Winter Classic from the hallowed Fenway Park in Boston. The Stars and Kings do battle again, this time in LA, and the surprising Phoenix Coyotes host the Detroit Red Wings, in what should be a great contest to watch and wager on.

With the NBA wrapping up the preseason, and teams only 5 days away from starting the regular season, check out a few of the warm-up games, which are available as always for betting on sports. The Atlanta Hawks have had a great preseason so far, and will make for one of the better betting options today. Also check out the Nuggets and Lakers (note the Nuggets don’t win on the road in preseason) and Portland against the Phoenix Suns. Enjoy all the great sports action found at sportsbook, and good luck as always!

Aaron G.