A quiet Friday makes for a few wagers and great action at …

Happy Friday to all of you once again from us at Casinoreview.org! We’ve finally come to the close of another dragging week, and with it, the chance to hop online, check out a few of the top sportsbooks, place a few wagers on sports and take a visit to an online casino or poker room. For Friday night, nothing says party-in-a-website like Bodog (<a href=”http://www.casinoreview.org/sports_betting/bodog.html”>read the review of Bodog Sportsbook</a>), so for me, I’m spending some of my hard-earned duckets placing a few bets on sports early, then coming back for more head-to-head action in the great and busy poker rooms found on their site. There is a reason that Bodog has come to be one of the most respected and widely-used websites for all things betting. With tons of traffic, there’s always a great table full of competitive poker players, and their sportsbook has been a favorite of mine since the first day I traveled to their website. For Friday, do yourself a favor, take a trip down to the Bodog Sportsbook, and see firsthand what everyone has been raving about for years.

With the NBA preseason just about done, sports fans would be wise to take a look at some of these teams playing good ball, as a preemption of things to come in the regular season. I’ve found a couple good horses to follow this preseason, and while generally not really recommended, sportsbook betting for NBA preseason can, and for me this year is, a profitable venture. Besides, with 11 games in action on Friday, the last day before a three day break to commence the new season, teams will be looking to start the season on a high note, and polish their offense and defense with their best players playing throughout the whole games. My preseason picks for teams making the post season (based on what I’ve seen thus far) have to include Boston yet again, Orlando, Atlanta, Denver and Los Angeles, all who will be in action today. The Magic look to hold on to an undefeated preseason at home against the Hawks, the Lakers take on the Nuggets at home and the Mavericks and Rockets should make for another exciting conclusion of the NBA preseason today.

With just three games in the NHL today, it might be worth a little three-team parlay wager for fun, featuring the games like the Penguins vs. Panthers, The Avalanche vs. Hurricanes, and the Blues vs. Wild. With the day hopefully passing by quickly I hope you’ll check out the Bodog Sportsbook today, as it truly is worthy of being one of the best online sportsbooks reviewed on our site. As always, enjoy the sports action, thanks for stopping by, and catch us again soon for more sportsbook betting updates!

Aaron G.