NFL Football, Game 6 ALCS, and plenty of Premier League …

Welcome to yet another perfect opportunity for never leaving the house today! Sunday is any type of sports fan’s dream, and online sports betting action hardly gets better than wagering on the any of the great NFL, NHL, MLB, Premier League Football or Golf action in store today. To make for an exciting day of crashing on the couch and watching sports, the addition of some sportsbook wagering at one of the best online sportsbooks reviewed at is a must. With the earliest games in Europe already underway, and NFL action set to begin in just a few hours, definitely make sure to hop down to one of the top sportsbooks here, and place your bets now! For sportsbook betting today, join me at one of our newest reviewed sportsbooks, at Bookmaker Sportsbook (<a href=””>read the review of Bookmaker Sportsbook</a>). A newcomer, but a winner nonetheless, Bookmaker has a great sportsbook, easy to use interface, and great customer support that you should demand from a top online sportsbook.

Back to the NFL Football games on hand today, this morning we have a handful of great games to choose from, starting with the Minnesota Vikings vs. the Pittsburgh Steelers. This should be hard-fought battle, but being in Pittsburgh, I’d find it awfully hard to bet against the Steeler D, even with the offensive attack of the Vikings. There are further some great chances to make good money on the Chargers v. Kansas City game, and the Patriots v.  Buccaneers match-ups, which should be lopsided enough to all but guarantee wins for the favored teams. For further betting on sports today, I have to give the nod to the Yankees over the Angels, as I just can’t see Anaheim lasting any longer in this series. For Premier league football, check out the Liverpool v. Man. United game for the best betting of the day. With West Ham and Arsenal ahead, and Manchester City v. Fullham also in action, count on a great day of sports around the world for your online sports betting today!

With one of the best days of the week here, and all the sports betting options available in our top sportsbooks reviewed here, you can count on a lot of excitement today by taking out a few wagers and getting into the action first hand. I hope that by now your online sports betting is all wrapped up, as we’ve got the first kickoff of the day set for about 15 minutes away! There is a ton of online sports betting action throughout the day here at our best online sportsbooks, so if you haven’t wagered today on something, head on down to one of our featured sports betting sites and get into the action!

Aaron G.