World Series set for Yankees and Phillies, Monday Night …

As the seasons change, so do the gears of the ever-turning world of sports, and after last night, one more point in the Major League Baseball season comes to an end. With the New York Yankees downing the Los Angeles Angels in Game 6 of the ALCS, sports fans are now only a maximum of 7 baseball games away from the end of the season! A sad realization for any true baseball fan for sure, but Hockey, NFL, NCAA¬† and European Football well underway and NBA Basketball on the horizon, betting on sports has never been more exciting right now! For today’s sportsbook betting it’s a trip to the tried and true, best online sportsbook in my stable, at Betus Sportsbook (<a href=””>read the review of BetUS</a>). Count on some wagering on the NFL’s Monday Night Football game, and NHL Hockey to anchor your sportsbook betting today, and to be a great sportsbook betting website to place your wagers.

Tonight’s showdown pits an up-and-down Washington Redskins team looking for some kind of bright spot in an otherwise sub-par start, and getting a win tonight would have to come at the expense at a pretty decent Philadelphia Eagles. The only real bright spot for the Redskins and their anemic offense is their home field advantage. In a battle of two quarterbacks still trying to prove to fans that they can truly play ball, both Donovan McNabb and Jason Campbell will be in the spotlight to pull their teams to victory. Any which way though, another great MNF game awaits sports betting fans, so hopefully you have your chips in place for this game tonight as it should be a hard fought contest!

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Aaron G.