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What was a great night of sports action turns into yet another great day of solid offerings for betting on sports, and fans will once again be treated to Major League Baseball’s World Series, as the New York Yankees were shocked last night at home after an outstanding performance by Philadelphia star pitcher Cliff Lee. Going 8 innings and giving up only one run in a 6-1 win, Lee has done what all Phillies fans hoped he would; give the Phillies a sporting chance. In tonight’s game, it’s a must win for the Yankees, who couldn’t head to Philly down two games and expect to come out without at least giving up one game, which would put them up against the wall for all remaining games. However, with A.J. Burnett getting the call from the Yankee rotation in tonight’s game, I just can’t imagine the Yanks slipping up with another ace pitcher against an opponent on the mound that the Yankees are very familiar with (that being the aging veteran Pedro Martinez). With the first wager of the new day, it’s gotta be New York to even this bad boy up, and hopefully give sports fans just one more game possibility before the season closes for good. Betonline Sportsbook (<a href=””>read the review of Betonline Sportsbook</a>) gets the call from our stable of online sports betting sites, and for good reason. A top sportsbook with all the trimmings and willing to meet any of the expectations of the most critical online sports betting guy or gal, check out and find out what we’ve been raving about most recently here at

Jumping sports today and looking towards the games in the recently started NBA,  there are a number of great sportsbook bets to be had with 12 contests up for wagering on. I expect a few big starts from home teams tonight, especially with the likes of Orlando opening against Philadelphia (who in my mind hasn’t improved a bit this year, at least from what’s been seen in the preseason), and the Boston Celtics hosting the Charlotte Bobcats. Further, the Utah Jazz and the Denver Nuggets should make for a great game to watch and wager on, between two of the top teams out West. The Atlanta Hawks should be a decent wager on the road against the Indiana Pacers, as the Pacers were yet another team falling flat in preseason, while Atlanta shined. Check out the head-to-head match-ups in each of the games tonight, as the early games of the regular season will be very dependent on which stars will be showing up to anchor their team’s attack. With a number of seemingly very mediocre teams around the league this year at season start, I fully expect a small handful of very good teams just as we had last year. Pick those teams early, and cash in on the mismatches that will surely be in abundance.

To round out another great day of online sportsbook betting, 10 NHL games featuring some of the best teams in the league land on the website at, and should be worth a few wagers. With my last parlay wager set on the Penguins, Flames and Sharks tonight, I must bid you adieu, and wish you good luck today in your sports betting wagers. Thanks for checking in, enjoy another great sportsbook at, and please catch us again tomorrow!

Aaron G.