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It’s another exciting weekend of sports and online sportsbook betting, especially with a huge weekend of NCAA College Football, the close of the Major League Baseball regular season, Week 4 of NFL Football, and plenty of action in Europe as English Premier League Football heads back into action once again. Typically for any given Saturday, I certainly like to spread the sportsbook bets around to a couple of different sports leagues, to add a little diversity here and there, and for today’s wagers, I’m taking a journey back to one of my personal favorite sportsbooks, at the Oddsmaker sportsbook (read the review of provides one of the most consistent experiences for betting on sports, with a clean and navigable website, great customer service (my account ran low the other day, and an agent called and offered a real money bonus just for being a member of the site for the past few years!), and always prompt and easy methods for making deposits and collecting your loot. I’ll have to spread the wagers across the board a little further this weekend, as the action heats up across the Football leagues, and with Major League Baseball coming to the end of its 162 game run, it’s worth checking out at least a handful of games to finish off another great year of online sportsbook betting on baseball.

To start of the wagering for today, we’ll have to focus on NCAA College Football, which undoubtedly will be the focus of sports fans this Saturday. Looking at a number of key match-ups, keep your sights set on the Top 25 contests available today, especially those between #4 Oregon and #9 Stanford, #1 Alabama and #7 Florida, #21 Texas looking to rebound against #8 Oklahoma, #11 Wisconsin at #24 Michigan State, and #17 Iowa hosting #22 Penn State. Immediately looking at the schedule, we’ll have to expect big scoring between the two Pac-10 teams playing one another, as Oregon ranks first in the NCAA in total offense, and Stanford has emerged as a very potent offensive threat behind star QB Andrew Luck. For the first bet of the day, it’s a pretty safe call to take Oregon at home in front of the rowdy Autzen Stadium crowd, and even with an astronomical total points spread posted at, it’s very likely both teams will be able to put up 40 points apiece in today’s match-up. #1 Alabama doesn’t get beat today at home, as they simply have too many offensive weapons at their disposal, while Florida is regrouping a good, albeit less-experienced group of players for the future. #21 Texas, coming off a tough home loss to UCLA last week probably has the biggest mountain to climb back up this week, playing Oklahoma on the road. Though we can expect better play from the Longhorns this week as compared to last, I see Texas falling out of the Top 25 for the first time in 162 weeks with a loss today. Find these top games and plenty of other great sportsbook betting opportunities on NCAA Football to keep the level of excitement up all day!

Moving on to a handful of contests in Major League Baseball today, the final two games of the regular season should make for an interesting stretch of sports betting, especially with the NL Wild Card, NL West, and AL East Divisions still up for grabs. In exciting action, check out the final series between the San Diego Padres and San Francisco Giants, which will decide the fate of the NL West as well as implications for the NL Wild Card. For today’s wager, I’ll have to side with San Diego, one because I just can’t trust Barry Zito in any clutch situation, and two because who doesn’t want to see the last game of the season be the deciding factor in the playoff race? Moving into the Wild Card race, Atlanta faces a tough challenge to pull off a couple of victories from the Philadelphia Phillies, which will be necessary to solidify their role on the post season festivities, if they lose tonight, they’ll be tied with San Diego for the NL Wild Card spot, which could also make Sunday’s online sports betting that much more exciting. Lastly for featured sports betting on baseball today, the Yankees take on the Red Sox for a double header and the Rays meet with the Royals once again with good odds at a victory there. Any which way you wager on sports today, count on these games and plenty of others available to make for some online sportsbook action for Saturday!

With a handful of English Premier League matches taking place today, make sure to check out the 7 games available for sports betting today to add to the fun of the games taking place in the US. Enjoy the wide variety of betting on sports available at the top online sportsbook at, and with bigger and more exciting NCAA football games in store each and every week, the MLB Playoffs on the horizon, and with NFL Football next up for betting on sports, it’s one hell of a great time to be an avid sportsbook player. Until tomorrow, good luck on your top sportsbook betting and enjoy this great day of Major League Baseball, NCAA Football, English Premier League action and all the rest!

Aaron G.