Major League Baseball wrap up, exciting day of NFL …

Welcome to one of the more exciting Sundays of sports and online sportsbook betting, as today marks the final day of the Major League Baseball season, and the biggest sports betting event of the week; NFL Football!!! As per usual I find myself up way too early in the morning for a Sunday, anxiously checking my fantasy roster, squeezing in a couple of extra wagers, and impatiently awaiting another start of what will be a great and action-packed day of sports! For the start of the 4th week in an already exciting NFL season, we turn to a couple of big games to start off the day, namely the power match-up between the Baltimore Ravens and Pittsburgh Steelers, the latter of which remains as one of the only undefeated teams still left in the league. With Ben Rothlisberger coming off suspension after the Steelers’ bye week next week, the Steelers have been impressive showing that they don’t really need any offense at all to win on any given Sunday. Against the Baltimore Ravens however, who will be fully up to the defensive challenges, Pittsburgh is going to need at least a bit of offense in order to prevail at home today, against the strong running game and better passing offense led by Joe Flacco. For the first wager this Sunday, I’m going with a gut shot and taking the over wager on total points at the sportsbook (read the review of, hoping to capitalize on a low posted total points on their website.

In other games worth looking at for online sports betting on the NFL, look for a rebound from the San Diego Chargers, who are coming off an embarrassing road loss to the Seattle Seahawks, and should dominate at home against the Arizona Cardinals. If one thing has become typical thus far, it’s that the NFC West teams can’t win on the road. Road NFC West teams today also include San Francisco at Atlanta (until San Fran settles in with their new offensive coordinator with a win, expect more losses to come), as well as Seattle at St. Louis which should be one of the uglier games of the day. Seattle owes their two wins almost entirely to their 12th man (the fans), as they’ve yet to win a battle on offense or defense this year, relying mostly on turnovers and mistakes from their opponents. Thus, with the opening wagers today, I’m banking on a big Atlanta and San Diego win worthy of taking the spread on both teams, the first Rams win in a long time, and the under wager on total points in the Rams v. Seahawks game, as neither team knows how to score, or has any significant weapons. Lastly in other big games today, check out a wager on the NY Giants looking to rebound against the Bears after a rough go last week at home against the Titans, Donovan McNabb’s homecoming in Philly as the Redskins face the Eagles, and the Texans at Raiders which should be a pretty interesting match-up.

Last but certainly not least for today is the last set of games for the 2010 Major League Baseball season. The AL East and NL West will be decided today as Tampa Bay faces Kansas City, and New York pulls Boston once again, and the San Francisco Giants host the San Diego Padres in a must-win for both clubs. Lastly, Atlanta looks to pull back from a tough Saturday loss, putting their ace Tim Hudson on the mound to wrap up their season, hopefully only until the playoffs start next Wednesday. Check out the pitching duel between San Fran’s Jonathan Sanchez and San Diego’s Mat Latos to make for a low scoring ballgame, expect the Yankees and Red Sox to go big on runs as the two beat each other up in the final game, and I’ll bank on Tampa Bay to close out a great year on the road with a win at K.C. It’s been an up and down ride this year, with more games for betting on sports than any sports fan could ever possibly hope for, and I for one will miss the action en masse each and every day for Major League Baseball. However, with playoff action coming around in only 3 more days, place your final bets for the regular season, and get ready for even better bets and more exciting action with the top teams in both leagues starting Wednesday!Any which way you look at it, it’s a great day for sports, and for betting on sports at the best online sportsbooks reviewed here at Enjoy the day, and good luck betting on the remaining games this weekend!

Aaron G.