Patriots vs. Dolphins for Monday Night Football, games …

It’s yet another Monday, however with Monday Night Football on tap, we’re all treated to a great night of action after a most likely long and arduous day at the office (or wherever your work happens to take you). Tonight’s big game pits two AFC East opponents, the New England Patriots against the Miami Dolphins, and this game especially should definitely be one worth watching and wagering on, with huge implications for the season at stake. It’s certainly no shoe-in for a win as the Patriots this season have shown serious weaknesses against the pass, and also have not been all too successful when playing games at Miami in the past few seasons. For a starting wager however, I’ll venture to the top sportsbook found at the (read the review of and put my wager down for the Patriots to bank on a bigger offensive effort to win them the ball game. Another great options for your online sports betting on this contest has to be the total points margin, set at 48.5, as while at least New England’s offense should very proficient at getting to the endzone, I expect a grittier game than usual this year, with a lot of running involved. as such, I like the under wager on total points, and will take New England to win with the -1 given on the line. With just a few more hours’ wait before kick off, there’s certainly plenty of anxiousness and anticipation!

With relatively little else available for top sports betting today, look to the future with wagers for the upcoming Major League Baseball playoffs, as on Wednesday the first set of three games take place for the Division Championship series. For once I like the Yankees vs. Twins match-up, as the Twins finally have the upper hand in the pitching rotation, get the first two games at home, and have been playing like a well-rounded team all year. With Francisco Liriano getting the start against C.C. Sabathia, it’s going to be a great pitchers’ duel to start the series off, and while New York has tremendous offensive assets at their disposal, I hedge the opening wager on the Twins’ rotation and bullpen to pull them through with a Game 1 win. In what should be the lowest scoring affair on the first day of the playoffs, check out the match-up between Cliff Lee and David Price, two pitchers who have only gotten better towards the end of the year, and could easily give up less than 10 hits between them. In this ALDS match-up, I have to take the Rays on the road to nab the first game, as they seem more comfortable on the road (and in front of a real crowd, unlike the horribly lackluster fans in the Tampa Bay area). Lastly, I can’t bet against Roy Halladay in the first game between the Cincinnati Reds and Philadelphia Phillies, as the Phillies ace has too much experience and too much talent up against a pretty good, but inexperienced Edinson Volquez.

With more action in the days to come as the Major League Playoff kick off and the start of the 2010-11 NHL season gets underway on Thursday, while there aren’t as many options available today for online sports betting, there’s plenty of worthwhile action to jump into for the days to come. If you haven’t had a chance yet, scope out some of our top sportsbooks reviewed here, and find out why the handful of sites we have available for you to choose from are indeed the best in the business. From baseball to football, hockey and beyond, you can count on plenty of great betting opportunities every day of the week on any of the tried and tested sites available for you here. As always, enjoy your evening of sports, and thanks for stopping by!

Aaron G.