Online sports betting hits paydirt with MLB Playoffs, …

After one of the slowest weeks for sports and online sportsbook betting, we’ve reached the great action all us sports fans have been waiting for! Starting up again today, the second round of 3 games in the Major League Baseball playoffs get underway, along with the start of the 2010-11 NHL Hockey season, and not to mention a great Thursday night NCAA College Football match-up pitting #5 Nebraska with a good road game challenge against 4-0 Kansas State. With some good offerings for betting on sports, make your way down to one of the best sportsbooks reviewed here on our site, and check out the action ahead, which will no doubt be worth putting a few wagers in especially with the excitement of playoff baseball providing a great evening of sports on the ‘tube. As we’ve continued on a trend of adding up more and more bets in preparation for today’s games, why not take a stab at a few more options for today’s contests, eh? Taking the trip over to the top online sports betting site at sportsbook (read the review of, it’s easy to find all the best wagers, get solid lines on each of the games, and be in and out in a flash. is by far one of the finest online sports betting sites we’ve reviewed over the years, and after spending some quality time with the friendly folks running this website over the last weekend, we feel even more confident your wagers, and your hard-earned money is at a great site with a great staff to support you.

If you haven’t already checked out the wagering opportunities for the MLB playoffs, start off with the first game of the day featuring the Texas Rangers against the Tampa Bay Rays, in what should be a great pitching duel once again. With a surprising first game victory by the Rangers yesterday against Ray’s ace David Price, I’m taking a different tack on the game tonight, and going with my season-long horse, C.J. Wilson to prevail tonight against James Shields. Wilson has been learning from ace pitcher Cliff Lee this year, and has gotten to trust his pitching much more down the home stretch, giving him great confidence and the best command of his pitches he’s had all season. Also, after making the mistake of wagering against Cliff Lee anytime in the post season, I’ll make reparations and take Texas to prevail tonight, which would give them a mountainous 2-0 series lead heading back to Arlington. For the Rays, if they’re to emerge a winner in this series, their bats will have to come alive tonight, however I’m skeptical they’ll get much out of Wilson in his likely 6-7 innings of work tonight.

Moving on to the Yankees vs. Twins match-up, it’s an interesting test for Carl Pavano and Minnesota, as Andy Pettitte takes the mound for New York, and remains one of the most veteran pitchers in the playoffs this year. Sticking with experience, I expect Pettitte to rise to the occasion on the road, and with the support of the big Yankee sticks, I’ll put my mark on the Yankees to emerge victorious in this one today. Again, after seeing the first game in this series fall to the road team, I have to change my outlook on the entire series. You just can’t expect to beat the Yankees if you don’t win Game 1 on your home turf, and once the Yankees start rolling in the playoffs, look out. Speaking of looking out today, if you haven’t devoted time to watch Tim Lincecum this season, the San Francisco Giants’ #1 pitcher starting in tonight’s Game 1 against the Atlanta Braves, do yourself a favor and check out what pure talent looks like. For online sports betting in particular, I love this match-up against Derek Lowe, as while the crafty veteran has had a great run up to the postseason, he’s just not on the same level as Lincecum, and will give up some runs. Lincecum on the other hand, it seems like any day of the week could be a no-hit shutout for this ace. In either case, expect a very low, soccer match-like scoring affair, as the two pitchers should be battling for a pivotal victory for both teams tonight.

For games in the NHL, check out the opening set of 5 contests taking place, as the exciting hockey season gets fully underway with plenty of new-look teams emerging which should make for an exciting first week of sports betting on hockey. Again, I expect the Philadelphia Flyers to come out of the gates strong (with a tough match-up on the road at Pittsburgh, which I’ve picked the Flyers to win), but for the other 4 games, I’m liking the home teams in the first game of the year (at least hoping to pull 3 out of 4 to make for a nice day of sports betting). Lastly, throw a wager down on the College Football game of the night, and see why Nebraska has it’s winning ways back after what has been a fairly long hiatus from the top of the NCAA rankings. Fully expecting a Cornhuskers victory against an undefeated but under-challenged K-State team, I’ll throw the last bet down for the day at, and await all the exciting sports action for later tonight. Looking forward to a great Friday, I hope you’ve considered the ALDS and NLDS games tonight while placing bets, because these are certainly the most fun and exciting games to have a stake in out of the whole baseball season. Thanks for stopping by, checking out the online sportsbook reviews, and hopefully you’ve been enjoying all the great action on our featured online sports betting sites. Best of luck to you tonight, tomorrow and anytime that you’re playing online.

Aaron G.