NCAA Football anchors top sportsbook action for a great …

Welcome to another fine day of online sportsbook betting at some of the top online sports betting sites reviewed here at! The excitement for today’s big games in NCAA College football is palpable heading into Week 6, and with a few hours left before the games commence (yep, it’s 7:30 in the morning on Saturday, and I’m up writing and wagering with anxious anticipation!), I’m already off to a few of the best online sports betting sites reviewed on our site for wagering today. I seem to always have my inner alarm clock set for this time every weekend, and maybe that’s because every Saturday means more opportunities for betting on sports at our online sportsbooks, featuring around 150 games in College Football, by far one of the most busy and exciting day in sports over the entire week. On top of that, the Major League Baseball playoffs continue for yet another day, with possible eliminations on the horizon already as New York and Texas are up 2-0 in their series against Minnesota and Tampa Bay respectively. Adding to the expanse of wagering options for Saturday, you can look to start wagering on the upcoming games in the NFL, set to start just over 24 hours from right now.

For Saturday, my online sportsbook of choice is one of our best online sports betting sites at the sportsbook (read the review of, which is one of the most featured sportsbooks across the likes of ESPN, Yahoo! Sports, as well as many other sports portals. has been the longest standing, most consistent sports betting site out there, and with an easy-to-use website, solid bonus opportunities and great customer support, you can always count on the first name in sportsbook betting,, to be a great choice to place your wagers at. To get cracking on sports betting opportunities, check out the action in the Top 25 today, including a big game between #1 Alabama at #19 South Carolina being a possible upset to look out for. Checkout the big in-state games between #17 Michigan State and #18 Michigan, #13 Miami hosting #23 Florida State, as well as a huge SEC battle between #12 LSU and #14 Florida down in the Swamp at Gainesville. If ever this is the week the #1 team might lose, it’s against Steve Spurrier’s crew at home, who have looked much better this year than their #19 ranking eludes to. If South Carolina can be successful in stopping the heavy run attack of the Crimson Tide, I might just come off looking like a genius picking the Gamecocks to prevail in this match-up this weekend.

Without further adieu, I’ll also get in a sports book wager for the two ALDS games for Major League Baseball between the New York Yankees and the Minnesota Twins, and the Tampa Bay Rays against the Texas Rangers. With two teams down 2-0 in today’s games, someone is more than likely to be sent home packing, and though I can’t believe I’m saying it, it has to be the Minnesota Twins. What I first thought to be a solid chance for the Twins to move past their dismal performances against the Yankees in series’ past, turns out to be more of the same, as the Yankees have been dominated the Twins in all aspects of the game, and look primed for the 3 game sweep, especially with Phil Hughes being the solid road pitcher he has been all season. On the flip-side however, Tampa Bay has been the best road team in the Majors this season, and I like the match-up between Matt Garza and Colby Lewis to be favorable for Tampa Bay. Any which way you wager, make sure to do so this Saturday for these great postseason games, as fewer and fewer will be available for sportsbook betting, until there’s none left at all! Enjoy all the great action ahead today, find great opportunities for betting on sports at, and we’ll catch you again tomorrow with a full day of sports betting for the National Football League!

Aaron G.