Division Series games complete, NHL Hockey becomes focus …

We’re stuck in a little bit of a downturn for Major League Baseball with the completion of the American League Division Series between the Texas Rangers and Tampa Bay Rays yesterday, however, with only a few days’ wait before the start of the much anticipated Championship Series, NHL Hockey, as well as a few College Football contests will serve as the filler for betting on sports this week at any one of the best online sports betting sites reviewed here. With the Texas Rangers getting another big victory from Cliff Lee last night, the Tampa Bay Rays scratch their heads wondering how the team with the best record in baseball goes home in the first round of the playoffs…however, with two games pitched by ace Cliff Lee, one can hardly question the odds were stacked terribly against them from the get-go. Thus, the Rangers move on, and so do we, looking forward to a huge showdown between the New York Yankees and Texas, set to start this weekend in Arlington, Texas. And although playoff baseball will be absent from the lineup on television today and for the next few days to come, in case you hadn’t noticed the NHL season has begun and is fully underway today with a small handful of six games to pick and choose from tonight, and along with an easy match-up in NCAA Football between Marshall and UCF, with the latter a huge favorite for the win. It will certainly amount to a couple of parlay wagers for tonight’s betting on sports, and a journey to a few of the best casinos found around here, as I’m a sucker for playing Texas Hold ‘Em on a slow night of sports betting in the top sportsbooks reviewed on our website.

Heading down to one of the best featured online sportsbook at Intertops.com sportsbook (read the review of Intertops.com) I’ve once again ventured into one of the most insane displays of online sports betting on the internet. This site has got it all for you, whether you like sports bets, social bets, or any other number of ridiculous things to bet on. For me tonight, I’m only here for the sports bets, and NHL hockey has my number. With six games on tap across North America, a couple of teams are showing good poise already and worth riding for the first part of the season at least. Case in point, the Toronto Maple Leafs, who are coming off one of the worst seasons in recent memory. Looking to go 3-0 (a win total they didn’t reach until November last year), watch out for youngster Clarke MacArthur as a highlight maker this season, and with new life between the pipes with J.S. Giguere, I’m betting on another road win for the upstart Leafs to start the new season off well. Another team looking solid in the preseason and in their opener, Tampa Bay, looks to be the same offensive power of yesteryear, putting a lot of shots on goal, with some eventually going in. Against the Canadiens tonight, I like the Lightning to get their second win, and hopefully add a bit of cash to my Intertops.com sports betting account. Look for more great games as New Jersey faces Buffalo, the Canucks meet the Ducks, and the Washington Capitals and Alex Ovechkin continue their winning ways into the new year.

With more baseball, hockey and NCAA football in action tomorrow, you can be sure to find great opportunities for betting on sports at one or more of the best online sportsbooks reviewed right here on our site. With English Premiere league action back after a two week hiatus as well, you can bet that Saturday will for certain be a great day for online sports betting, and plenty of drinks at the pub (early in the morning, if you happen to live stateside, and have to get the European games live). Keep an eye out for more great sports betting opportunities at our featured top sportsbooks, and as always, good luck in your sports betting endeavors!

Aaron G.