NFL Football, NLCS Game 2 makes for great sportsbook bets …

Are you ready for some FOOTBALL!?!?! It’s Sunday, it’s the best morning of the week (as far as I’m concerned), the fantasy football excitement is buzzing as per usual, and sports fans all over the globe are hunkering down for Week 6 in an exciting and so far very unpredictable season of NFL Football. Week 6 brings plenty of great wagering options for betting on sports at the top sportsbooks, and with plenty of big match-ups, speculation on upsets, and do-or-die games ahead, there’s no better way to jump into the action than by getting down to one of the best sportsbooks reviewed here, placing a couple wagers before game time, and kicking back for an afternoon of the most exciting professional league to watch and wager on. For NFL bets this Sunday, I’m pulling out the Oddsmaker sportsbook (read the review of as the top sportsbook I use for betting on football every Sunday, as has provided me with great bonuses since my initial deposit, solid lines consistent with the best sportsbooks found on the web, and one of the easiest websites to get around quickly when you need to squeeze your bets in right before game time. With 13 NFL games on tap to start off the sports betting for today, followed by a big NLCS Game 2 between the San Francisco Giants and Philadelphia Phillies, and even a few NHL games and English Premier League matches to check out, no matter what your wagering style is, will have something for you this Sunday.

Key games for the NFL Week 6 include the newly dubbed ‘Panic Bowl’ between the two 1-3 teams not living up to expectations, as the Minnesota Vikings take on the Dallas Cowboys with each team trying to avoid going 3 games under .500 and in serious jeopardy of having a shot to make the postseason this year. I still contend that Dallas is a playoff team this season, but hasn’t been able to click for 4 straight quarters, meanwhile, I’m enjoying the struggles of Brat Favre (not my spin on the name, but great nonetheless..thanks Skip Bayless), and question the old-timers’ ability to keep his team in ballgames without making rookie mistakes. For this Sunday, nothing would make me happier than to see the selfish media-pig Favre dropped to 1-4, and have the Vikings further chew on that 17-20 million bucks they paid for a QB that is getting shown up by backups like Shaun Hill of Detroit this season. Love it! In a big game down South, check out New Orleans against Tampa Bay, with the Bucs trying to show they league they are legit, and with Drew Brees and company just trying to hold on to their elite status as reigning Super Bowl champs after a rocky start to this new season. I’m going into further bets with the Baltimore Ravens over the New England Patriots, based mainly on the Pats defensive inabilities, Pittsburgh to give a violent and oppressive welcome to the NFL to Cleveland’s Colt McCoy making his debut (while Ben Rothlisberger comes back off suspension to lead his team to another win), A higher scoring, and closer-than-expected game between San Diego and St. Louis (though prepare for the San Diego winning streak to start right now, a Norv Turner signature at 2-3), and the Eagles to be the better bird at home against the Atlanta Falcons today.

Make sure to get involved in at least a few of the NFL games on tap at the top sportsbook at, but also don’t forget an exciting Game 2 between San Francisco and Philadelphia, where I’m going out on a limb and taking Jonathan Sanchez, who has been much better down the home stretch and into the playoffs than his opposite tonight, Roy Oswalt. With Game 1 changing everyone’s minds about the Giants’ hopes to win the series, I’m on board for the ride, and switching my outlook to take San Fran in 6 games to win the NLCS. There, I’ve said it, now make me look like a genius Giants!!! Catch plenty of other action from Soccer to Hockey in online sports betting at today, enjoy all the exciting games taking place throughout the NFL, and catch us again soon for more updates and wagers at the best sports betting sites found anywhere on the web!

Aaron G.