Sportsbook bets on pivotal ALCS Game 6, NBA preseason …

We’ve finally come to the close of another very long work week, and with its conclusion, comes a bevy of options for online sports betting in the days to come. For Friday night however, nothing says party-in-a-website like (read the review of Bodog Sportsbook), so for me, I’m looking forward to spending some of my hard-earned cash placing a few bets on sports early, then coming back for more head-to-head action later on in the great and busy poker rooms found on their site. There is a reason that Bodog has come to be one of the most respected and widely-used websites for all things betting. With tons of traffic, there’s always a great table full of competitive poker players, and their sportsbook has been a favorite of mine since the first day I traveled to their website. For Friday, do yourself a favor, take a trip down to the Bodog Sportsbook, and see firsthand what everyone has been raving about for years.

For the first available action for betting on sports today, make sure to check out the potential elimination Game 6 in the American League Championship series between the New York Yankees and the Texas Rangers, the latter team at home and putting up Colby Lewis to hopefully clinch the series against the Yankees’ Phil Hughes. While Hughes has been good on the road statistically throughout the season, in the playoffs he’s proved vulnerable, especially to the potent Rangers offense highlighted by Michael Young and Josh Hamilton. In any case, for online sports betting at, the over wager on total points looks to be the right bet for starters, as both sides’ bats have been progressively heating up, and regardless of the starting pitcher, seem able to put up at least 3-4 runs per side on any given night. After a rough go last night taking the home team to clinch (Roy Halladay turned out to be the better ace, sending the series back to Philadelphia for Game 6 tomorrow), I’m doubling up on my efforts, and taking the Rangers to close out at home, without needing the aid of Cliff Lee in a potential Game 7. If the Rangers can win tonight, and hold Cliff Lee over for Game 1 of the World Series, they’ll be looking very well set up against either the Phillies or the Giants, so pay close attention to the outcome tonight to further influence the final series of play.

We haven’t discussed the NBA very much before the new season starts, however with the NBA preseason just about wrapped up for the year with the final day of play occurring today, sports fans would be wise to take a look at some of these teams playing good ball, as a preemption of things to come in the regular season. With 10 games in action on Friday, the last day before a three day break to commence the new season, teams will be looking to start the season on a high note, and polish their offense and defense with their best players playing throughout the whole games. Key games worth checking out tonight include the Atlanta Hawks vs. Charlotte Bobcats, the Orlando Magic at the Miami Heat, Houston vs. Dallas and Denver vs. Phoenix. All teams in these four games are solid picks to make a run for the playoffs this year, and for sportsbook betting today, I’ll throw a couple in to a parlay, and single out a few games for individual wagers, just to kick off the new season right. Orlando looks to finish off another perfect preseason tonight, so I’ll be taking them for a win, Charlotte always plays their best ball at home and should prevail over Atlanta, Dallas wins with a better team getting the start, and Phoenix should lay on plenty of points to top the Nuggets tonight on their home court.

With five games in the NHL today, it might be worth a few bets on hockey for the evening, with featured contests including a rematch between the Vancouver Canucks and Minnesota Wild, Buffalo and Ottawa both trying to get out of a season-starting funk (both good teams that should start picking up anytime soon), and the Atlanta Thrashers facing a tough match-up with the visiting Tampa Bay Lighting, the team I’m riding through the first portion of the season. With the day hopefully passing by quickly I hope you’ll check out the Bodog Sportsbook today, as it truly is worthy of being one of the best online sportsbooks reviewed on our site. As always, enjoy the sports action, thanks for stopping by, and catch us again soon for more sportsbook betting updates!

Aaron G.