NBA Basketball gets underway, World Series wagers and …

It’s another big day for sports fans and specifically those with a penchant for online sportsbook betting, as the start of the NBA’s 2010-11 campaign officially gets underway tonight, featuring three great games between 6 teams all with preseason predictions that put them in line to reach the playoffs this year. With the start of the Major League Baseball World Series tomorrow fueling action for online sports betting as well, this Tuesday happens to be unlike most Tuesdays, offering sports fans some great wagering choices at any of the best online sportsbooks reviewed here, and giving sports fans plenty to ponder over as now two seasons (NBA and NHL) are fully on tap for sports betting, and setting precedent for the season to come. For this Tuesday of sportsbook betting, I’m headed back to my staple website for betting on sports, one that is definitely among the top sportsbooks I use on a regular basis throughout the year. Oddsmaker sportsbook (read the review of features all the great wagering options you’d expect, plus solid bonuses, great customer support, and plenty of variety from poker rooms to casino games to horses. For Tuesday check out the wagers across the NBA, World Series, and NHL Hockey at and find out why this is one of the easiest ways to get into the exciting world of online sports betting right now!

For a preemptive session of sportsbook betting on tomorrow night’s World Series opener between the Texas Rangers and the San Francisco Giants, fans will be treated to one of the best pitching duels of the post season, between Texas ace Cliff Lee, and Giants #1 Tim Lincecum. Grabbing home-field advantage may not mean too much for the Giants in Game 1, as Texas has shown time and time again through the 2010 playoffs that it doesn’t matter whether they’re on the road or at home, the Rangers will be gaming for a tough fight. With Lee’s record against the Giants, as well as in the playoffs (3-0, 1.19 against SF, 7-0, 1.26 ERA lifetime in the playoffs) it’s a tough battle for San Francisco in the first game, but if anyone is up for it, it’s the two-time Cy Young award winner Lincecum, who no doubt will be bringing his A-game to the opening match-up in a big World Series game. With the Giants struggling to produce runs, and with both pitchers possibly headed towards complete games, even with the low 5.5 total points at Oddsmaker sportsbook today, it’s easy to see a 2-1 outcome between the best two pitchers in the business right now. For Game 1, I’ll have to go with the veteran Cliff Lee for the win, but a smart wager could also be found on San Francisco to cover the 1.5 points, as this should be a close one.

With the NBA basketball getting underway, take caution in your wagers today, as opening day is just about anyone’s game as I’ve found in years’ past. One thing is for sure, the home team will have extra incentive to get their fans, and their team starting off on the right note, and as such there are a few teams that stand out today for betting on sports, including the Lakers specifically, who have the best match-up against the Rockets, out of the three games kicking off the season today. The best game to watch in opening night will likely be the Boston Celtics vs. the Miami Heat, as a playoff atmosphere should be all around the Garden tonight, as many of the biggest stars in the game (as well as tons of hype) will be at play for the opening game of the season. Once again, I’m going home-team with the veteran Boston squad, but either way this will be the most exciting game for watching and for online sports betting today. With a few additional games in NHL Hockey for online sports betting today, find a bit of diversity at, enjoy the games set for the hours ahead, and hopefully lots of luck in your trip to one of the best online sportsbooks reviewed here. We’ll catch you again tomorrow for more updates on the exciting world of online sportsbook betting, and as always, thanks for stopping by!

Aaron G.