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For Wednesday, it’s back to Major League Baseball with the opening Game 1 in the 7 game series between the Texas Rangers and the San Francisco Giants. An exciting proposition based mainly on the fact that no clear advantage is given to either team in the series (especially with no history for the Texas Rangers in the WS specifically), I contest that this may be one of the most exciting World Series we’ve seen in recent history, with so many unknowns and so many great young players on the field. For tonight’s match-up, expect great things with Cliff Lee and Tim Lincecum breaking the series open, as both pitchers have shown consistency over this season’s playoffs, and for Lee, an unbeaten record all-time in the postseason. While I still question the ability of the San Francisco Giants’ bats to propel their team to greatness (ask Matt Cain about that one), the Giants have shown a will to pull through games with clutch hitting, shutdown pitching from their skilled bullpen, and the heart it takes to win. On the flip side, Texas is equally hungry for their first World Series in franchise history, with a great starting rotation, plus a talented young group of hitters. Either which way this game, or any of the games in the series go, you certainly won’t want to miss out on getting down to one of the best sportsbooks reviewed here and placing a wager on every game of the series.

Inevitably, these games between Texas and San Francisco are the last 7 games remaining in Major League Baseball play this year, and while it’s been a long season, finishing strong on the World Series is an exciting way to close out one of the great professional sports leagues. For bets today, Betonline Sportsbook (read the review of Betonline Sportsbook) gets the call from our stable of online sports betting sites, and for good reason. A top sportsbook with all the trimmings and willing to meet any of the expectations of the most critical online sports betting guy or gal, check out and find out what we’ve been raving about most recently here at I’ll keep to my pick of taking Cliff Lee to snatch up Game 1 tonight, but expect a very tight, low-scoring game as both teams will likely be a little nervous getting out of the blocks in the series. Key components of the series remain relatively unchanged; Texas will need big production from Michael Young, Josh Hamilton, and the rest of the Ranger bats in order to prevail against a tough young Giants pitching staff, while San Francisco may need to call on a new hero outside of Cody Ross (maybe Juan Uribe, who has been pounding the ball), to help put up runs in support of their solid pitching staff. I give the edge to the Texas bats in the series, but to the San Francisco pitching staff, which should just about even out enough to send this series to the far reaches (or at least I so hope), with my prediction resting on a Giants win in 7 games, finishing up back home.

Jumping sports today and looking towards the games in the recently started NBA, there are a number of great sportsbook bets to be had with 13 contests up for wagering on. Exciting action starts with Cleveland hosting Boston, in the first game in the Cavs’ post-LeBron era. I argue that Cleveland remains a solid contender for the post-season, even sans The King, as numerous players will get the chance to shine now that LeBron is out of the spotlight. As evident by the low-scoring first game between Boston and Miami, expect a slower-paced game with more focus on defense, and as always I like a good team at home starting the year to pull off a win in front of the home crowd. In another great match-up today, find young talent all around as the Chicago Bulls travel to Oklahoma City to face Kevin Durant and the Thunder, in what should be an exciting game to watch and wager on. Between Derrick Rose and Durant, two of the brightest young stars in the NBA today, count on quick-paced game, and once again I like the home team (OKC remains a playoff pick of mine this year, as was the case last year). Check into the game between the Denver Nuggets and Utah Jazz tonight, which should make for some solid sports betting options, the Rockets and the Warriors to put up plenty of points (based on the speed of play witnessed in the Rockets loss to the L.A. Lakers in their first game), and I’ll back Portland in their second game in two days, playing at L.A. Clippers (notably Blake Griffin’s first game, he’ll be a star in this league worth checking out). Sportsbook bets on NBA basketball is always an exciting time, but with the first games just getting under way and teams establishing themselves over the first 10 games, pick bets wisely, investigate the player match-ups more than usual, and count on lots of excitement for the days, weeks and months to come.

To round out another great day of online sportsbook betting, 6 NHL games featuring some of the best teams in the league land on the website at, and should be worth a few wagers. Teams to watch out for today include the Washington Capitals at Carolina (Washington has been pretty awful at Carolina recently, dropping 7 of 9, and are missing their starting netminder), Pittsburgh heading to play a strong Tampa Bay team that has amazing firepower to combat Crosby and Co., the Kings at Blackhawks, and the Montreal Canadiens hosting the New York Islanders. Hockey season is picking up with exciting playmakers making for great games to watch and wager on, so if you haven’t dabbled in the NHL for your online sportsbook betting, find out why this is a great game, overlooked for far too long on the sports betting scene. As always, thanks for checking in for updates on the world of sports and top sportsbook betting, enjoy another great sportsbook at, and please catch us again tomorrow!

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