College Football, September is finally here!

As sports fans, a new month means a fresh start in anyone’s book. Whether it was a rough month for your favorite team, one month closer to the playoffs, or starting a new sports season, a new month is a great opportunity to reset your online sports betting priorities and take advantage of new and exciting choices on our best online sportsbooks here at I’m pleased to announce that today marks the start of the full brunt of the NCAA College Football season, with plenty of games for all you NCAA Football fans to get behind. There are some pretty heavy mismatches today, so pulling together a number of teams for some parlay wagers seems like a good way to go for this Saturday. What will be a very good game today however, is the match-up pitting #12 California against #15 Tennessee, taking place in Berkeley, CA this afternoon. I’ve been waiting for this game for weeks, as Cal has a lot to prove after their rout suffered last year in Knoxville. I’ve got to take the Golden Bears to win today in my online sports betting, as retribution at home is the best way to get back at another team. Either way, this will be the most exciting game of the day and a fun way to supplement the action of this game with some action in one of our best online sportsbooks.

Though not as many sports betting fans will be paying attention to Major League Baseball today seeing as though College Football is getting underway, there are a number of great games with playoff incentive that are worth taking a look at. Again the NY Mets take on the Atlanta Braves, which has my bet landing on the Mets, who rallied last night to close a small losing skid. Jake Peavy and Derek Lowe square off in an in-state rivalry between the L.A. Dodgers and the San Diego Padres. Derek Lowe has struggled as of late, and Jake Peavy has owned Los Angeles in his career, looking to go to 8-1 all-time with a win tonight. Take Jake Peavy tonight for a win as he has stepped up his pitching game dramatically, dropping his ERA to the low two range, and has dominated this competition in the second half. It’s almost disgusting that a pitcher this good makes less than five million a year, while pitchers like, say Jeff Weaver make around 9 million dollars. Peavy is one of the best pitchers in the Majors right now, and has been a great source of winning bets for my online sportsbook betting this year.

Poke your head into one of our featured online sportsbooks this afternoon, and find the right bets to suit your sports betting style on a day filled with opportunities. I’ve been waiting a long time to see the online sports books branch out from Major League Baseball, and today is certainly an exciting time to be a sports fan. Good luck in your online betting, and hopefully you will get to cash in on some early NCAA Football betting. Cheers to a long weekend, and hopefully you will be enjoying some of the great games while not having to think about work until Tuesday!

Aaron G.