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While today is not the last day of the weekend, sports fans are fortunate enough to cash in on another possible day of online sports betting without having to worry about heading back to the daily grind the next day. With football wrapped up for the weekend, those looking to do a little betting on sports for Sunday will find things back to the usual calm of Major League Baseball, even though that as well has become increasingly exciting the closer it gets to October. As a big fan of baseball, and a huge home town supporter of the Seattle Mariners, it’s been a rough week for my team, and the M’s have spent the last few weeks on a losing streak that will undoubtedly cost them a shot at the AL West division. The L.A. Angels have maintained the best record in baseball for a while now, and losing 8 games in a row while being second place to that strong team does not bode well for any pennant shot. Nonetheless, the Mariners are not out of the Wild Card race, which is going strong between the New York Yankees, the Detroit Tigers, and my Seattle Mariners.

In today’s baseball action, there are plenty of wagering opportunities to be had at our best online sports betting sites, even if I will be staying away from my home team today, who look to avoid a sweep in Toronto this afternoon. A number of series will be finishing up today, which have a number of teams needing to pull out victories to either stay in the pennant hunt, or just hold on to a lead in their respective divisions. Teams engaged in divisional battles include Texas vs. the L.A. Angels, Colorado vs. Arizona, and the Dodgers vs. the Padres to name a few. Going down to, one of our best online sportsbooks and casinos, I’m dropping a prayer bet on the Texas Rangers in the hopes that they can slow the Angels while the Seattle Mariners continue their skid. With Andy Pettitte on the mound for the Yankees, it’s tough to bet against them, especially as they face the Tampa Bay Devil Rays, so I’ve put together a three team parlay bet with a few favored teams, looking to cash in on a smaller wager.

No matter what the outcome of this weekend is, there has been tons of new action, and plenty more to come in the near future for all sports betting fans, amateur and professional alike. I’m counting down the days until September 9th, when the NFL regular season officially starts, and I’m sure that everyone else would concur that these are very exciting times to be a sports fan. Join me today with a trip to one of the featured online sportsbooks here at, where you can find great action, solid sports betting advice, and all the statistics and sporting match-up breakdowns you could possibly ask for. Here’s to one more day without work, and to beating the heat if you’re in any type of weather like we have in L.A.Until tomorrow, thanks again for visiting our site and for betting on sports at our best online sportsbooks offered on the internet.

Aaron G.