Sports betting in preparation for the start of the NFL …

After what seems like months of waiting, the start of the NFL season finally gets in gear tomorrow, and I’m sure like so many others, I have already ran to one of my favorite online sportsbooks and placed my first wager of the season on the New Orleans Saints vs. Indianapolis Colts game. Taking place live from the RCA dome in Indianapolis, this game will be a tough call, as it’s difficult to know how well each team will play at the start of the season, and also because these two teams have incredibly high-powered offenses that should certainly put up some points. Although these teams are known to put up points, I’m going to bank on first game jitters to keep the points total under 53, as has been marked on one of our best online sportsbooks at Indianapolis also has been chosen as a six point favorite, mostly due to the fact that they are at home in their first game. I wouldn’t be surprised if this game was closer than that however, and whatever you choose in your sports betting game, could be as good of a guess as any.

Moving right along to Major League baseball for today, the Yankees and the Mariners go at it again this evening, after the Yankees just obliterated the M’s 12-3 last night in the Bronx. Jerrod Washburn is on the hill tonight for the Mariners, and as I think that Seattle will need two out of three from the Yanks in this series to stay in the Wild Card chase, I’m throwing my money down on the points again, and taking the over bet at 10.5 points. We’ll see how this one turns out, as it’s scary when the Yankee bats light up, but I’m putting my faith in the hometown team tonight and crossing my fingers for a lucky break. In another great opportunity for online sportsbook betting, the L.A Dodgers and the Chicago Cubs meet up tonight for a game featured on ESPN, with the Cubs trying to desperately cling to theirĀ  game lead in the NL Central division over the Brewers. Milwaukee is at home tonight against the Houston Astros, and need a win just as badly as the Cubs do, however I’m going with the Cubbies tonight to win, as well as the Astros. I’ve always been a huge Lou Pinella fan, and I know he knows how to coach a team down the home stretch.

No matter where you live, or what your favorite team happens to be, there are great opportunities for betting on sports in the second half of this week. Between Major League Baseball, NFL football, and NCAA Football, you just can’t go wrong heading to one of our top sportsbooks and placing a couple of wagers. Start keep track of teams now, and utilize the great information found at any of our best online sports betting sites to pick your winners today. Good luck with your sports betting, and make sure to catch the start of the NFL football season tomorrow night, which should be a dandy.

Aaron G.