Friday night sports betting definitely beats being at work

Like anyone else, I’m more than happy to be leaving work, and heading home to check up on my online sportsbook betting for Friday, in the hopes that a few wagers that were placed earlier today might indeed net a little bit of profit just in time for the weekend. With NCAA College Football tomorrow, and NFL Football on Sunday, sports betting fans such as myself will need all the extra cash in order to line up all the great possibilities for betting on sports soon to come. With a number of baseball games taking place this Friday, it seemed like a logical choice to head to our of our best online sports betting sites here at and drop some parlay wagers on a few of the baseball games that I wouldn’t be fortunate enough to watch today while at work. Heeding my own warning about not wagering on the Seattle Mariners anymore, I’ve come home to find the down 6-1 against Detroit, one of the two teams that they need to get a leg up on if they have any shot at the post season. Feeling a bit spiteful, part of my first parlay wager at had the Detroit Tigers to beat the Mariners, and lo and behold that turned out to be a good idea. I just can’t get over how painful it is to watch the Mariners self-destruct down the home stretch

To go with my first wager at, my first three team parlay bet of the day also included the Mets over the Astros, and the Cardinals over the Diamondbacks. It’s my goal to see the NL West get shaken up so badly that there is no clue who will win the division until the very last few games of the season approach. With that in mind, my second wager of the day, being a two-team parlay, will have the Colorado Rockies beating the San Diego Padres and the Dodgers beating the Giants. While the second of the two games seems quite likely to go my way, the Padres v. Rockies game is a tough call, even though currently Colorado holds a 4-0 lead at home in the 2nd Inning. If all goes well, both Arizona and San Diego would drop a game on the Rockies and Dodgers, and would have every sports broadcaster rethinking their picks for who will win the division. I certainly love a good divisional showdown, and since the AL West certainly isn’t doing it for me this year, why not turn to the NL West?

Hopefully you’ve had a chance to squeeze in some online sportsbook betting at our top sportsbooks here at, and are well on your way to enjoying a much deserved Friday night. Make sure to hit up our featured sportsbooks before tomorrow, and get in on all the NCAA Football action coming up. It’s going to be a wild weekend, and I just can’t wait for tomorrow and Sunday to get going. Its Football season for sure now, and there is no better way to get in on all the excitement than by getting online and heading to one of our best sports betting sites and placing a few wagers. Until tomorrow, good luck in your sportsbook betting, and have a great Friday night!

Aaron G.