NCAA College Football on a great Saturday afternoon

Where to begin? Welcome everyone to another great weekend of sports and online sportsbook betting at our top sportsbooks here at! There are some awesome college football games being played this afternoon, and you would have to be crazy, or not a sports fan at all to not be down at one of our best online sports betting sites, and wagering on a few of the games slated for today. I’ve been waiting all week for a few of these match-ups, notably the games featuring Michigan at home against Oregon, Boise State against Washington and the new QB talk of the town Jake Locker, and the late game between #9 Virginia Tech and #2 LSU. I’m losing my mind with excitement and maybe perhaps in my online sportsbooks, as I have now included 12 different teams in online sportsbook betting today. I don’t care what anyone says, I’m excited for the games today, and so happy that football season is in full stride starting this weekend.

With USC off on a bye week this week, the #’s 2, 3, 4, 5, 7 and 9 teams are all in action, and therefore all need to be wagered on by me today. Or at least that’s what I convinced myself today when I headed to this morning and saw the great line-up of games available for betting on. Nonetheless, I expect LSU, Florida, West Virginia, and Oklahoma to all prevail today, and having taken a parlay wager out to back that opinion, I’m hoping to string together a nice little payday on some favored teams. I’m taking the points for each of these games, and quite frankly the only game that I have any doubt on at all is the Va Tech v. LSU which could possibly be an interesting outcome. I also had to wager on the Washington Huskies, who I really think will be able to turn their program around this year. They are looking to close Boise State’s 14 game win streak and I have faith in Jake Locker’s ability to lead this team to victory. It’s been a very long while since Washington has had a quarterback worth getting excited over, but this year is certainly one of those times to get stoked.

It’s a great day to be a sports fan, and specifically a college football one at that. There is still time to wager on some of the later-afternoon games today, and there are plenty of good wagering opportunities to be had in order to add a little extra cash in your sportsbook accounts. Check out all the great offerings at our best online sportsbooks this weekend, and enjoy a nice change of pace from all baseball all the time (even if baseball is really starting to get good now). We’ll catch you again tomorrow, and as always good luck in your wagering and thank you for playing at our top sportsbooks featured at

Aaron G.