Sunday Sports betting on the official NFL opening day

Today is a day to be very thankful if you are as big of a NFL football fan as I am. Waking up early to catch all the pre-game analysis and then watching football until the last play of the last game on Sunday night is probably one of the best ways to completely waste away a day in one of the best ways possible. For Sunday’s football action, sports fans and those people betting on sports in our best online sportsbooks were treated to a number of last second victories, broken records, outstanding player debuts and all the other excitement typical of a Sunday afternoon with the NFL. With the opening two games on the day between the New England Patriots vs. the New York Jets, and the Philadelphia Eagles vs. the Green Bay Packers, four storied franchises would definitely be a good place to start the online sportsbook betting, and I for one certainly didn’t miss out on the action, going early to for opening wagering.

Right away, I had to go with a two-team parlay wager for the opening games of the day. Since the Patriots have built their team to unprecedented near New York Yankee caliber of recruiting, it was necessary to take the Pats with the point spread, and I’m certainly glad I did. The Patriots effortlessly crushed the Jets Sunday morning, with Randy Moss’ debut of 9 catches, 185 yards and a TD telling everyone yes, he still has it. Tom Brady could have taken cat naps in between every completion, as his offensive line made the New York Jets defense look like a JV high school squad up against Varsity in a scrimmage. However, while I did predict this game correctly, I did not expect such a close game between the Eagles and Packers, both of whom looked pretty good on opening day. The Packers squeezed out a win at home on their rookie kicker’s leg, and I lost this parlay taking the Eagles to win with the spread. Oh well, you win some and you lose some sometimes

Luckily for myself, I finished out the day much better than my opening bet would have led to believe. San Diego prevailed against the Bears in a less-than-spectacular game, and both Seattle and Carolina came out on top to score wins and break me even for the day’s betting. Any way the outcome was, this was a great day of football, and you can bet that there will be much more to come, both tomorrow night for Monday Night Football and in the future, and you can be sure that the best online sportsbooks will be the place to make your wagers throughout the season. As Dallas and the New York Giants continue to battle in on of the most high scoring games I’ve seen on an opening day, enjoy the rest of the game, and the following week for that matter, knowing that football is here, and won’t be going away for a long while.

Aaron G.