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After a great weekend, and an enjoyable evening of Monday Night Football, it’s time to get back to the basics, and head on over to one of our best online sportsbooks at for some sportsbook betting on Major League Baseball. Although this weekend had my eyes affixed towards mostly football, online sports betting for baseball has never been hotter than now, as teams have entered the last 20 games of the year, with many division titles still up for grabs. While I’m disappointed to have to report that my Seattle Mariners have definitely played some of the worst baseball I’ve ever seen, and consequently have knocked themselves out of the playoffs, there are many other teams that are playing great September baseball, and will make for some exciting sports betting at our top sportsbooks here at

Teams to keep an eye on this week lie mostly in the National League, where the NL West and Central Divisions still have playoff spots completely up for grabs. Philadelphia is playing good baseball right now, and while they are 6 games back of the New York Mets in the East, they are only 2.5 back of San Diego in the Wild Card, with the L.A. Dodgers nipping at their heels. For Tuesday’s sports betting, I definitely had to go with the big guns in the A.L., right now being Boston, the L.A. Angels, New York and the Detroit Tigers. I piled all these into one parlay wager at, and fortunately enough for me, the bet actually came through! Most of the time it’s not too good of an idea to throw together all the top teams, but the way these four have been playing, it’s a pretty safe assumption that this time of year the one’s who are poised for the playoffs will be winning consistently.

So for the downside of things, my one wager that didn’t come through tonight was the one featuring the New York Mets and the Atlanta Braves, as well as the Chicago Cubs and the Houston Astros. I picked up the Braves over the Mets, but didn’t count on the Astros being the spoiler over the Cubbies tonight. Oh well at least one bet went through, and it happened to pay of pretty well (at least enough to cover losses). Another great day of baseball comes and goes on Tuesday, but you can count on more great baseball action on the way towards October, that will keep you active at our best online sports betting sites here at

Aaron G.