Quick sports betting before a night out

It’s always a treat when you get a chance to check out two top teams go head to head in any league. For major league baseball, a three or four game series between two good teams is almost like getting to catch a playoff series well before the actual playoffs come around. Case in point, this weekend has the New York Yankees heading into Boston to face the Red Sox in what should be a great series with great pitching match-ups. Although I’ll probably end up missing this game, in favor of getting outside and stretching the ‘ol legs, I’m definitely putting down money for this game, and this entire series. The Wild Card, and AL East are up for grabs, and I’m betting that the New York Yankees will reign on top of the whole thing before it’s all said and done. Joe Torre is a great coach, with an unlimited budget at his disposal, and tonight Boston is going down in their own house (Gulp). At least that’s what my sports betting ticket says at Betonusa.com tonight!

Another quality match-up for Friday night finds the Arizona Diamondbacks at Chavez Ravine to square off against the rallying Los Angeles Dodgers, who are trying desperately to hold on to any bit of the playoffs. Two solid pitchers will be starting in this game as well, as Brad Penny gets the call for the Blue, and Doug Davis will be starting for the visiting Diamondbacks. The D-Backs really have been playing excellent ball as of late, which has certainly been a surprise given my opinion of them in the beginning of the year. I was wrong to doubt them and their position at the top of the NL West shows that. I however have been on Brad Penny’s bandwagon from the get go, and heading to one of our best online sportsbooks at Playersonly.com (<a href=”http://www.casinoreview.org/sports_betting/playersonly.html”>read the review of Players Only</a>), I’ve promptly put 20 on the Big Guy from Oklahoma.

I’m also rooting for the Phillies tonight, and have secured another wager for them to win as the visiting team against the Mets. This series is going to be a definite deciding factor in the race for the NL East, and I’ve certainly wanted Philadelphia to head to the postseason in what seems an eternity. Go Philly!! Anyways as you can see, great baseball awaits those betting on sports tonight, and great sportsbook bets can be found right here by using the featured online sportsbooks at CasinoReview.org. For all of us here, thanks for stopping by, and good luck in all your online sports betting this week.

Aaron G.