Betting on Baseball at

It’s a great day for online sportsbook betting, as this Tuesday cracks off with even more great opportunities for betting on sports for MLB baseball. Although Tuesday is not normally my favorite day for online sportsbook betting (as it’s been almost a cursed day for me), I can’t help but get back on the saddle at and try, try again. Maybe it shows how much of an amateur gambler I truly am, however that certainly doesn’t bother me after I’ve collected a nice little chunk of change betting on sports the last weekend, to get up the courage to bet on my most unlucky of days. Also, the fact that it’s been a few days since I’ve done more than break even at any of our best online sportsbooks has me excited to place more wagers this afternoon, even though today is not even all the way done.

For today’s online sportsbook betting, I’m swinging from the hip with a few gut check bets at one of our best online sportsbooks at (<a href=””>read the review of Players Only</a>). Jeff Weaver has just got to get a win tonight, after being so horrendous all year long for the Seattle Mariners. Thus, I’m taking him to win (gulp) against the Oakland A’s, who for the first time in what seems like many years have not produced an outstanding August or September of baseball. I’m also going underdog today with Aaron Harang for the Cincinnati Reds, against Carlos Zambrano and the Cubs, hoping for a good payoff. This is a great pitching match-up, and Harang has been one of the only bright spots in an otherwise very dim year for the Reds. Last but not least, I’m taking Toronto at home over the BoSox, hoping that a home crowd will get the Blue Jays a win tonight and upset the Boston Red Sox.

It hopefully will be a fortunate night for my online sports betting, and hopefully you might fare just as well at our best online sportsbooks here at You can feel the excitement brewing for betting on sports as both the MLB playoffs are just around the corner, as well as more football games coming soon this weekend. Start getting your football know-how together using all the great sports betting advice, and statistical information offered on our featured websites. There is plenty of money to be made this fall, so start early on figuring out who will be tops this year in the NFL and NCAA football leagues.

Aaron G.