Monday Night Football and MLB baseball make for a great …

NFL Football bets on a great Sunday morning
Once again it’s Sunday morning, bright and early, and any self-respecting sports fan knows what that means: NFL Football is back again! It’s the weekend at it’s finest for online sportsbook betting, as the last few games of the Major League Baseball regular season commence in the coming week, and not to mention the obvious flurry of a handful of great NFL match-ups to choose from. Although it’s still very early in the morning before football gets started, I can almost never resist getting up at the crack of dawn, and going over the days games that will begin in just a few short hours. For today’s online sports betting, I’m taking a visit to one of our newcomer sites here at, has been a leading sportsbook and casino, as well as a great promoter for sporting events in the last few years, and it’s name can be trusted along with the other best online sportsbooks and casinos featured on our site.

Starting out this weekend’s NFL bets, I’ve got to go with the home town favorite first in the betting lineup, as the Seattle Seahawks face a great contest at Qwest Field today against the visiting Cincinnati Bengals. Both teams are coming off of tough losses last week, with Seattle blowing a lead to Arizona, and Cincinnati getting handled in a shoot-out with Cleveland. With the horrendous defensive display put up by the Bengals last weekend, I would not only take Seattle in this game due to home crowd advantage, but also because Seattle’s defense is actually pretty good. This should be a good game regardless, as both teams have powerful offenses, and should put up some numbers today. Nonetheless, I’m taking Seattle with the points this afternoon, and hoping that they will be able to overcome the offensive strike of Carson Palmer and supporting cast.

Other great games taking place today include the San Diego vs. Green Bay contest, which will see the continuation of the revival of Bret Favre’s career. The Packers are playing inspired football right now, and my money will be on them today. The late game between Dallas and Chicago should also be a good match-up, pitting Dallas’ offense against the Bears defense from Soldier Field. Anyway you slice it, today is a great day for football, and for betting on sports in our top sportsbooks here at Enjoy this Sunday, and as always good luck, and thanks for choosing our website for the best online sportsbooks and casinos on the internet.

Aaron G.