Monday Night Football and MLB baseball make for a great …

If you are anything like I am, Mondays at work are certainly one of the last places on earth that you might want to be for 8-9 hours or more. Fortunately for us all, Monday Night Football is back on the menu for online sports betting fans, and tonight will certainly be an interesting match-up between the Tennessee Titans, and the surprisingly lackluster New Orleans Saints, who have their first home game of the year trying to keep from a depressing 0-3 start. While the Titans haven’t played outstanding so far this year, their overall team chemistry has been very good, and this team certainly has some potential to win around 10 games this year. Coming off a rough loss last weekend to the Colts, I’m certainly betting that between the Titans wanting retribution for last week and the Saints looking for their first win, this should be a good match-up for a Monday Night meeting. Although the Saints are at home, and are favored to win with 4.5 points to give, for tonight at I’ve got to take the Titans with the points, hoping for a close contest.

In baseball tonight, it’s certainly a great time to check out some of the late starting match-ups, as there are precious few regular season games left to wager on. It feels like only yesterday that the MLB season was starting up, and this week I’m definitely looking to go out with a bang betting on our top sportsbooks here at While there are just seven games offered for Monday, I certainly had to squeeze at least one sportsbook wager in for baseball, taking the Padres over the Giants, and the Brewers over the Cards in a nice little parlay wager. I certainly feel for the Giants this year, who have struggled with their bats, and not to mention the terrible performance of Barry Zito, and have placed very few wagers with them coming out on top. With Barry Bonds finally up on the block though, the Giants will get some much needed capital freed up, and certainly could make a jump to being plus-.500 next season. For tonight however, my online sports betting has to take the over on the total runs at 7.5. The way Zito has been pitching this year, San Diego might be able to catch that total all alone´┐Ż

Gear up for the last week of MLB baseball regular season play with a trip to one of our best online sports betting sites to catch all the action. There are a few divisions still up for grabs, and now is as good a time as any to join the fun and make a little money doing it. Hopefully your Monday goes quickly, and you can get home in time to enjoy Monday Night Football, live from the comfort of your own home. Until tomorrow, thanks again for visiting our site for all the best online sportsbooks, and we’ll see you again soon!

Aaron G.