The NFL lights up the sports betting excitement on Sunday

Today is a day to be very thankful if you are as big of a NFL football fan as I am. Waking up early to catch all the pre-game analysis and then watching football until the last play of the last game on Sunday night is probably one of the best ways to completely waste away a day in one of the best ways possible! For Sunday’s football action, sports fans and those people betting on sports in our best online sportsbooks are to be treated to a number of great games, player debuts, and hopefully spectacular in-game excitement typical of Sunday afternoon with the NFL. With the opening two games on the day between the Miami vs. the New York Jets, and the Seattle Seahawks vs. the Buffalo Bills, two good games for wagering on, and would definitely be a good place to start the online sportsbook betting for the day. I for one certainly didn’t miss out on the action, going early to (read the review of for opening wagering taking the Bills/Seahawks over on points, and the Jets to make Favre’s debut a grand one against Miami.

Right away, I had to go with a two-team parlay wager for the opening games of the day here and those are set in stone heading towards game time in just a few minutes! Other great opportunities for making a good opening day wager would include Philadelphia over the St. Louis Rams, as the Rams do not seem to have improved at all from last year to this�we’ll see. New Orleans looks good over the Tampa Bay Bucs, but I think this will be a very good game to check out, as the Saints have their power in the offense, and the Bucs are pretty good on the other side of the ball. I give the nod to the best QB though, and Drew Brees trumps Jeff Garcia in my book any day. I like Arizona over San Fran, and Pittsburgh over Houston, which piles nicely into a parlay wager.

Any way the outcome is, this is a great day of football, and you can bet that there will be much more to come, both tomorrow night for Monday Night Football and in the future! You can be sure that the best online sportsbooks reviewed here will be the places to make your wagers throughout the season, and if you haven’t seen the sites listed here, you owe it to yourself to find the best online sportsbooks, tailored to your liking and betting preferences. Enjoy opening day in the NFL, and may all your wagers be successful by days’ end today!

Aaron G.