Online sports betting for Monday Night Football

After what was surely one great opening Sunday of NFL Football, we sports fans are once again treated to more football action on this Monday night, with not one but two games to whet your appetite for online sportsbook betting! While it’s great to get a free Sunday afternoon to wager on football and relax carelessly, having two games to come home to after a long a stressful day of work is by far the biggest reward one could ask for today. With the first game of the evening having already started as I came home, I’m now enjoying the Minnesota vs. Green Bay game in the second half, and this game has been just as good as any games preceding it on Sunday. I’ve got my money down on the Vikings tonight, taking a sportsbook wager at Bodog today (read the review of Bodog), and so far it’s looking like anyone’s grabs with the Pack up 10-3 in the early in the third quarter.

While the first game of the night will certainly showcase two very good teams who no doubt will already be contenders for the postseason this year, I’m almost as excited to catch the Denver vs. Oakland game scheduled for later this evening, as it should be an excellent opportunity to see my Fantasy QB Jay Cutler go to work on a shaky defense! I expect the Broncos to be a solid team this year, and my hopes are riding on very good seasons from Cutler and wide-out Brandon Marshall. I also expect big points in this game, based on my assessment of the Denver offense (their D might be something to question´┐Ż.), so I like the over bet in the points in this last game of the evening.

Hopefully you’ve been able to get your bets placed before tonight’s games, and you’re sitting around pondering a bet for the second game of Monday Night Football. I’m so happy this time of year has finally come, as this last weekend has been one of the best for sports and sportsbook betting in quite some time. Enjoy the football tonight, and have a great rest of the week, and as always thank you for coming to our site for the best sportsbook reviews to the best online sportsbooks and casinos on the net.

Aaron G.