NCAA Football leads the way for a fantastic day of sports …

There is nothing better than today. Right now. At 9:30 in the morning on a Saturday, it’s time to watch the height of sports rivalries and the great uncertainty that is, NCAA College Football. I don’t even bother with grammar today, it’s just time to kick back, check out some of the greatest rivalries in all of sports, and throw down some money to try and win some money while not having to really work for it. This is going to be a great week, with plenty of ranked teams matching up against each other. It seems almost like hunting with a few of these games, and I’ve completely stocked up on sportsbook wagers at (read the review of in preparation for a day spent anxiously waiting for the outcome of the games. It’s definitely one of those days where you should head to one of our best online sports betting website here at, and take advantage of some great football action.

I’ve been waiting for one game for about a week now. The USC vs. Ohio State game should be the most high octane game of the day, with the Trojans hosting the Buckeyes in Southern California later today. Although living in SoCal might give me bias to this game, I would have to admit that neither of these teams are to my liking, and thus I havde a clear head on my shoulders for betting. Placing a wager earlier in the week for this game, I’m now so very pleasantly surprised to hear that Ohio State star tailback Beanie Wells will be out of commission with an injured foot, which should give the USC Trojans the big advantage coming into this game. Also, Mark Sanchez is just unreal. The kid is a big game Quarterback, and with their high-powered offense clicking, and a defense with the biggest assignment voided, this should be a big victory for the Trojan faithful, in the first meeting in 18 years between the two teams.

Another great game for watching (not necessarily wagering on!) has to be the Wisconsin vs. Fresno State game, which has upset written all over it. The Bulldogs are a force to be reckoned with, and playing on home turf should have any team, regardless of ranking, scared to march into that house. I also like the South Carolina v. Georgia match-up, along with the California vs. Maryland game, as both a great potential upsets. Otherwise, enjoy the games today, thanks for checking out the site for featured online sportsbook reviews and opinions, and for visiting the great sports betting sites we have for all your sportsbetting needs. Remember while you’re on the sportsbooks to look at the NFL lines today if you haven’t already done so for Sunday. There are some choice games being played across the nation, and like any good football fan, you can find me, on the couch, watching the best sports action of the year. It’s great to be a sports fan!

Aaron G.