Sunday NFL Football has finally arrived!

As if Saturday’s online sportsbook betting couldn’t be more of a great surprise for a sports fan and online bettor, Sunday and the NFL roll around to open up a whole new host of online sportsbook betting opportunities, and promise to keep myself and many others away from anything other than sports. For this Sunday’s online sportsbook betting, I’m taking a journey back to one of the best online sportsbooks offered here at (read the review of BetUS) has been a long time favorite of mine, and I can’t wait to get back to the site and start placing bets on NFL football right now. It’s going to be a fairly tough weekend of betting on football this weekend, as quite a few teams have come out of the gates swinging early. I’ve been eagerly awaiting the 49ers and Seahawks match-up this afternoon, and with a 24-28 record at Qwest Field, I’m very much hoping the Hawks can continue that good fortune, for the first victory of the year.

The San Diego Chargers and the Denver Broncos should be one of the better games of the day, although with the way the Chargers played their first week, versus the way the Broncos played theirs, it looks like the Chargers still have some kinks to work out, while the Broncos and Jay Cutler look to be in great form already. I’m expecting big numbers today from at least one of the Quarterbacks today, so I’ll take the over on the points in this one, hoping to see some offensive production. In other great contests around the league, you can find a little something to place wagers on, as there are some great picks for starting a few parlay bets, or working with the point spread. I like the Giants to put up big numbers on the Rams this afternoon, as well as the Vikings Defense to keep their game with the Colts very tight. Find your horse and get out those wagers!

It’s another great Sunday afternoon of online sportsbook betting here at the best websites reviewed here at, and it is more than worth your while to get in on the action and try to make a few extra bucks today! I’ll be firmly parked for the rest of the afternoon, and just underway now is the start of football for the day, which I’ve been waiting for all week! With great teams on the field today, don’t miss out on the great sports betting action at our top sportsbooks, and catch all the NFL games today as they are sure to be quite an improvement over the opening day kickoffs!

Aaron G.