A great night to finish out the week betting on …

It always seems as though the longest week of work in a given year comes after returning from vacation. Thankfully, Friday is finally upon us all, and online sportsbook betting is back in full gear with the return of a complete line up of baseball games to choose from. You can be sure that the action in our top sportsbooks will be great this weekend, as there are plenty of MLB games to choose from, and a couple days’ worth of free time for all of us hard working folk to enjoy. Friday night headed back to normal with a returning heap of 15 games to choose from in our best online sports betting sites, and I for one was quick to jump on a few games, and throw down some cash before heading into one of our featured online casinos at Superbook.com (read the review of Superbook). Superbook is definitely one of the best online sportsbooks and casinos on the internet, and I always seem to have a good time whenever I venture down to their website.

For online betting on Friday night, a few games caught my immediate attention, especially the series beginning between the St. Louis Cardinals, and the Chicago Cubs. While the Cubbies look prime for the playoffs St. Louis have now found themselves completely out of the playoff picture in both the Wild Card and Divisional standings. However, St. Louis is a good ball club, and I’m sure wants to play spoiler in front of a playoff frenzied Cubs faithful. I’m hoping that the Cardinals can at least save some face in this series, and thus for my first wager of the evening, I’ll have to take a gutsy bet on the Cards to win away at one of the harder ballparks to visit in the Major Leagues. Yes, I know Zambrano is pitching�but he’s tired right now�I hope. Another game worth checking is the Minnesota vs. Tampa Bay game today, with the latter looking as though nothing can keep them from making history this year. I’m taking the Rays to beat the spread at Sportsbetting.com tonight (read the review of sportsbetting.com), and hoping to see a team go from first to last, with the lowest team payroll in the majors.

Another great match-up tonight takes place with Johan Santana on the hill for the Minnesota, who play host to a showdown with the White Sox and Mark Buerhle. My online sportsbook wager at Sportsbetting.com for this game will have to take the White Sox to come through as the underdogs. Though both teams are finishing a disappointing year, this pitching match-up should be a pretty good one, worthy enough for me to take a stab at the eventual winner. Also, make sure to check out the betting lines on the Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees tonight, both of whom are so very close to sealing a playoff birth. It will be a great weekend for online sports betting, so make sure to get to one of our top sportsbooks with plenty of time to catch some better odds and get all the information to make (hopefully) the correct predictions. From us here at CasinoReview.org, thanks for stopping by, and good luck on all your online sportsbook betting this weekend.

Aaron G.